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April 15, 2015 - laylah8732


I have this one ETL who have a stupid habit of waiting until she see’s me with a guest to hop her little fluffy ass over to my register and proceeds to PRETEND to be helping me bag the customers items and then tries forcing a red card down their damn throat!! And when they decline she says okay and walks away….well bitch wasn’t u just helping me bag well wtf happened??? It’s uncomfortable and makes me look as if I’m not doing my job!! Then there’s this other one who does the same shit!!!! If it’s that damn serious maybe you shouldn’t be a ETL but yet a CASHIER!! That’s all these people care about…it’s even gotten so damn bad to where they want us to ask for a red card (credit card) if the guest declines because they have it already they want us to offer  the debit one…. FUCKIN A!!!! Are u serious?!? And the goal they have placed upon us for red cards is pretty fuckin ridiculous as well, and unbelievable if I must say so myself!!! Each cashier is to have 15 red cards a week!!! THEN there is the scheduling!!! I have tried to change my damn availability a couple times before and I was told that I have to be fully available because that’s what I put on my application when I applied….bitch that was a year ago…don’t play with me!!! So I have to not have a life because u wanna have me here whenever the hell u want me to to try n suck red cards outta me!!!! I got a trick for they ass!!! I can’t wait to get the hell up outta here!! The damn managers barely speak damn that!! They don’t speak at all so neither do I!!! But they expect for me to smile at every damn guest and be unnecessarily nice to these customers it’s ain’t that damn serious I smile say hi ring up they shit n hand over they money!!! They want us to hold a conversation with every guest ain’t nobody got time for that!! Can’t wait to get the hell up outta there!!


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  • sbzero546 says:

    Was a cashier for like 3 years but trained in other areas as well. Could not wait for them to put me somewhere else but that dang register. REDCARD oh plz the goals are unrealistic and GSTL's & ETL are like hovering and always asking "make sure you are asking everyone". No wonder why the cashiers aint smiling when they come to work LOL :p

    • laylah8732 says:

      Exactly!! It's annoying when I got my review I was IE in that department for sure...give eye contact!! Come on if I give any more eye contact with each guest ill be able to see thru their souls. I don't think I've ever when Into a store to purchase anything and thought about how the cashier gave me the best eye contact ever before I lay down and go to sleep lol

  • Silverfox says:

    that's funny. my old supervisor from zellers then later at target as gstl she seemed to only ask those who made a significant purchase like diapers. didn't ask me lol. i was only purchasing eraser caps. probably depends on your leadership and how picky they are at asking. maybe i remembered her name and said hi to her?

  • viciousdave says:

    Oh I know how it is. I'm a cashier too. Everyday come in and remember to ask every guest about red card. The truth is I was told by a long time Target team member that GSTLs get pay bonuses when we get red cards. WTF? Seriously, that's bullshit. We do the hard work, we say hi, we ring up things, we listen to but but I wanted plastic, I want paper, no I need that double paper bagged. We're the ones working. I don't give a shit anymore. I'm putting in my two weeks notice of leave, I don't care if I don't have a job for a while anymore. Than again I might not give in. Who knows, I'm always scared to give in and quit. I've worked every job on the rode I live on but two stores.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    I thought so!!! I thought management was getting a bonus based on the # of redcards. Seriously this place is so beyond ridiculous. What a complete and total waste of time.

  • poohbear80 says:

    I'm lucky to get a bag of chocolate for a red card and their getting money off of my work?! I have one gstl that hovers while bagging and bothers the guests about the red cards as well.


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