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February 3, 2015 - rainprincess64

Goodbye Tarshit! Hopefully Many Others Can Follow Suit Soon

If you’ve read my past posts, I have been having serious problems with Tarshit regarding discrimination and issues with them screwing with my medical needs due to my being pregnant (due in mid-May). Since I recently got another job offer (start on the 23rd), I can finally say goodbye to the days of wearing the awful combination of wearing khakis and red shirts. I WISH my store managers could read this because they should know how much their leadership sucks and how stupid it is of them to think they’re SO cool because they work as retail managers. As if lacking social skills and being paid to be a professional babysitter are impressive in the least bit… LOL! Fuck you Tarshit, I have a new job that pays way more and doesn’t deal with customers with severe entitlement issues with ridiculous wishes sadly granted by spineless leaders. I go where the money is and it ain’t Tarshit, that’s for damn sure!


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  • justwhy says:

    the entitled snobby guests are what get to me the most. I wish i could tell them off!!!

    • rainprincess64 says:

      I cannot tell you how many times I've wanted to tell off these idiot shoppers. A lot of them have asked some very rude questions about my pregnancy and the spineless managers would've had a field day if I said anything to challenge their asshole remarks. Fuck Tarshit, I don't really care that much anymore now that I have another job which I start in a few weeks.

  • Silverfox says:

    🙂 Canada is saying goodbye tarshit enmass save for the damned etls who are kissing corporate butt. Blaming the rush of opening too many locations at once.

    Posted by an canadian etl.
    "From an inside perepective, Target was wrong from the start to rush their entrance into Canada. I've worked at Target since opening day as a hardlines team member, (now assistant manager). I came to target after a three year stint at Walmart, and regret leaving. (YES, I regret leaving Walmart). The concept behind creating a positive shopping experience for every guest was good in itself, but often left employees unhappy with strict regulations and protocols that were usually deemed unnecessary, following in the American store guidelines. The clothing was a competitive edge over walmart, as all the beaver canoe products were made by Roots, but in all honesty, that's about it. There have been major problems with the distributors across the country, resulting from the over expansion and poor preparation in establishing proper distributors for each store. The atmosphere created by the "upbeat" guidelines by Target creates a welcoming environment, which differs from Walmart(clearly). Most of our HQ staff were fired on the day of the announcement, while most of our managers are just shook from the whole thing. The store manager in Hamilton Was moved from Arizona with her new family to manage one of the largest targets in Canada. The devastation behind that is just incomprehensible. I luckily was offered a full time position with apple, so personally I'll be okay in the transition. The biggest impact target had on Canada is on the 17,000 employees out of a job. Some of which included full time staff which may have just bought a house, or had a child, and are now left empty handed, which was the result of a eager American company who but off more than they could chew in the Canadian market. As you're shopping for the liquidation deals, please be mindful of the employees in the store. You won't find many liquidation deals throughout the store, with only a 10--15% discount on most items, with major items going back to creditors. Most of the back rooms across Ontario are bare, and warehouses are empty. Trucks will come fewer and fewer every week, until the store is deemed able to close. Stores in Burlington Ontario will be closing as early as mid February, and Hamilton as late as April. Any more information can be provided by PMing me"

    lol, I'm not sure, maybe if the etls were nicer to the staff and it would have gotten more people into the store. And since when did tarshit hire full time staff? Setting up someone not native to the area to be manager is just asking for trouble and more proof of tarshit's incompetence. Right folks? does he sound like a corporate shill? He sounds like it to me.

    Link to thread where post was.

  • needanewfreakingjob says:

    I know which STL you're talking about. Don't feel too badly for her. I have personally seen her buying groceries at Walmart.

  • Silverfox says:

    lol, she isn't too bright that's for sure. Maybe if she supported her own store more by buying groceries there with her overpaid salary her store would have gotten more sales. And why shop at walmart unless it's for stuff that Target doesn't normally stock like fresh produce and meat which your local farmers market will be cheaper anyways. Take the walmart flyer, pricematch at target, get 15% discount. lol.


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