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June 27, 2015 - ateam0341

Glad I don’t work any more hours…

This is possibly the better title for me to chose for my thoughts on target as a whole.

Being a flow member for a little while and seeing how much bs is attached to flow and target in general. Although I only work part time ( I like to call myself a super part timer and I’ll explain why) I have started to see the stupidity at work. First they hire mostly retirees (I.e. older people who had jobs but somehow ended up here), weirdos, college students and the few career freaks.


Secondly, they have unrealistic expectations from everyone, and I noticed it day one of cashier training (which is odd that I had to do this even though I applied for flow) and how they pushed for red cards but nonetheless I stopped caring about asking the last two hours of my training. Now, the real stupid part. Mind you I work less hours than most of my coworkers, yet I have been positioned to take the brunt of the work: stock pallets with one coworker or sometimes by myself, big fricking awkward boxes, all while trying not to trip on the pallets and making sure your co-workers haven’t launched one of your boxes down the line or looking at you awkwardly.

It doesn’t help either that they’re old as hell so you have to wait on them for crap, hence the line slows down. It’s at these times I wished they’d hire able bodied people vs. Older trying to look for a job to help my retirement. I guess they don’t hire someone more applicable.

I have ┬áhad a muscle spasm because of this job, and on top of that I have to stock the heaviest aisles in the store every morning right after every hectic truck unload, by myself. And to top the shit sandwich, my coworkers quite possibly complained about something. F.ucking sucks because I work hard during those few hours there compared to these lazy pieces of shits. Oh well, I’m just glad I don’t work here more than a handful of hours. And my other job is unionized so I can see how day and night the two jobs are. I’m protected and valued in one, and the other I’m disposable….every single one of us. And you can guess which one I’m talking about.

I just don’t care about target anymore and look forward to moving on. I can now see why so many people burn out of this place.

Screw you and your vibe cards.

/rant over.



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  • viciousdave says:

    I'm a cashier and let me do backroom training once to see if I want to do that instead. Well I hated it, too much work, put stock away in small slots in the back room, put freezer items in stock and in date order of course, put pallets out, take garbage out in back room garage door large trash container, ah, way way way too much work. But I hate cashier too cause people whine and whine about that's wrong price, table said something else. Well guess what aholes?! The table you got it off from is usually wrong anyway and the wrong product is in the wrong space, so you are the ones who are doing illegal acts of criminal theft!


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