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June 21, 2014 - GrimTarget

Gimme an F’in break

I am NOW a former employee that worked an a local Target in the electronics department. The Fucking double standards that went on there are HORRIBLE. And this whole say YES to everything bullshit is just that, “ok, you want that $700 TV for $250, No problem…” They say they want a fast fun and friendly environment… NOT for most employee’s… They let woman wear SKIN TIGHT painted on Khaki’s with there cellulite going every where and gals with WAY more cleavage showing than need be unless they are out at the bar trying to get a one night stand. Then they come up with BOGUS SHIT so you won’t get much of a raise… Hell they took away giving us our Vibe cards so we couldn’t throw it in their faces and call them on their bull shit. I will NEVER work there again… I didn’t even give them two weeks notice, just went to the competitor and am getting a lot more money and benefits. That store can suck my SWEATY BALLS!None of the management does there job right, like they should. But yet they get bonuses, and even bigger ones when they Fuck us little guys out of raises! I say to HELL with Target, I refuse to even shop there anymore!



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