Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 2, 2015 - takemethere


First of all, if your Target does not have self check out registers, BE THANKFUL! They are an utter mess with software issues and technical issues that makes it so difficult to run a smooth front end. Even our guests are angry and defiant about these self check out registers. If  they were put in place to replace team members then Target made a terribly mistake for now because they do not function properly. As predicted and expected, thieves or dishonest guests are bagging and simple walking out with unpaid items at the self check out registers. There is not always a self check out cashier and the front end manager is bombarded with the duties of assisting self check out guests, untrained cashiers and needy service desk team members all of whom are just not self sufficient enough or empowered enough to take care of the guest.

Self check out does not support cart wheel when the bar code is scanned so the long numbers below the car code has to be keyed in instead. Sometimes the self check out does not give back change or it gets stuck even when there is enough or sufficient change in them. We also experience issues of the self check outs freezing up when guests are using sometimes one or multiple gift cards as payment. Also, too often when a guest is trying to pay with credit or debit whether they swipe or use a chip card the card reader will temporarily not work. This is often unpredictable and happens alot so the transaction has to be suspended and the guest has to be escorted to the service desk to complete the transaction. At times after the guests transaction is completed a receipt does not print. On a weekend i observed a long line of guests in the self checkout area waiting to be directed to a self check out register and when being compared to cashier on a register helping guests the line with the cashiers moves faster. Some of our guests refuse to use the self check out they have every right not to. The software is too sensitive at check out as it often prompts “How may reusable bags” our guests are using for no apparent reason. Every time there is an issue as mentioned earlier in all the different scenarios the guest is at a stand still until a self check out cashier or front end manager logs in the system to assist them. Interestingly enough other stores in our district continue to experience the same ongoing issues.

As we get the stores staffed or try to get the stores staffed for the busy season, we fall short because Target is hell bent on cutting payroll or not giving enough payroll for us to get the job done or the heavy work load done so for those of us who work hard we are busting our butts like Hebrew slaves only to get a few pennies on the dollar if we stick around long enough when we are evaluated in our reviews. .  In addition, training of these new team members is so haphazard that they are clueless, confused and end up quitting already.

There will be Hell, Drama, Chaos and Stress come this Black Thursday/Black Friday. Wait for it. Wait for it. All the cashier lanes will be overflowing with guests and so will the lines at the service desk. When all the issues at self check out start to happen that will trigger all the hell, drama, chaos and stress. Perhaps Target should close down the self checkouts Black Friday. That’s my opinion just seeing all that is happening now. Our guests are not impressed. This is Target. Our guest prefer to interact with a person not a stupid machine. Perhaps Target knew what they were doing in the first place cause to date, the self check outs does not support the Guest Survey.



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