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March 14, 2013 - getmeoutofhere

Get me out!

If it wasnt for the fact that its so hard to find a job and I need to help my parents pay bills I’d be out of this damn place. I’m so sick of one certain LOD/GSTL being up my butt all the damn time about getting red cards. Sorry I’m not getting 7 like most cashiers. But I’m doing my fucking job by asking “guest” if they want to save 5 percent, which by the way is like Nothing. Also I hate most of the guest there who blame me when their shit doesn’t ring up right. Or who don’t wanna put their clothes on the belt because it might get dirty…news flash are you not gonna fucking wash it?! Oh and i hate stupid fucking cheap ass coupon ladies who are complaining that their last coupon didnt go through when their total for 10 items is only like 50 cents. Ugh so many more things I hate about working here. But these are just a few.


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  • DeathByTarget says:

    I agree with almost everything you said.

    I don't blame people for not wanting to put their things on a filthy belt. Would you want to?

    I also understand why customers get upset when their coupons don't go through. If a coupon is valid, the customer is right to complain.

    Customers don't have to put up with being cheated like the employees do.

  • Free At Last says:

    What they don't understand is that countless of people have handled those clothing so it is basically dirty. Sometimes, the backroom tm would drop those clothes on the floor because they are trying to backstock fast to meet the demand of their TL. I would know because I was once a backroom tm. Those clothes get touch by everyone, get put on the ground, in the box, on carts, etc.

  • Jonestown says:

    Fucking Red Cards.

    I was a GSTL and fought constantly about how the conversion rate is not accurate because it only counts when prompted. On top of that, how can you hold it against someone who always asks?

    So for a month we rewarded those who consistently asked and "vibed" (vomit) with the guests.

    Next month right back to the same old shit because of a conversion contest between stores.

    Guess what conversion went down.

    Fucking joke. They also use the conversion rate to target (yup) those who they don't like.

    So glad I was able to walk out.

    I hope you find another job soon. I have worked for companies without integrity, even have had panic attacks, but Target just made me crazy no integrity, backstabbing, lieing and if that place isn't a cult -- I don't know what is.

  • POedAP says:

    Fuck RED Cards. Assets Protection at Target is not part of the sales floor, but some STLs have taken it upon themselves to force their AP to sell RED Cards!

    Most AP Team Members cannot even login to a register (conflict of interest), but they still have to sell RED Cards, hand out flyers (aka applications) to guests.

    Target can take their RED Card and shove it up their ass.

  • Newdoorgreeter says:

    As AP I have had several pissed off guest come to me claiming to be robbed by the target red card and this happened to me as well. The funds are well covered in the account the payment goes through as it should with ample funds, but 4-6 weeks later people recieve nsf notices and over drawn accounts. Now from a card that can only be used at target and there is a serious issue. I am now supose to hand this crap out as guest come in!!! There is no way I will ever talk anyone into applying for this bullshit!!!

  • ashlanhoho1 says:

    omg i hate when they don't want to put their clothes down. i thought i was the only one. like jesus people if you don't wash it when you get home, that's kind of gross anyway especially considering the fact that you don't know who has tried that shit on... ew. and then they just hand their clothes to you without saying anything and you have like a handful of clothes... how are you supposed to ring that shit up and take the hangers off and fold them and put them in the bag without setting one down?! ugh.

  • pinkzinnia says:

    I hate it when they hand you the clothes and don't say anything.. Um, do you want the items? Do you not want them? Speak to me! Let me know what I'm supposed to be doing with this pile of clothes.

    I think the weirdest comment I got was. - I don't want to put the clothes on the belt because it has lead it?.. Huh? Are you planning on eating the clothes?


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