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December 23, 2014 - buttsforsale

General ranting 8D

Here I will list every issue with this store that has personally gotten me incredibly irritated, as well as upset and/or angry at one point or another. Also this is from the perspective of a salesfloor worker, with some training in cashier duty. Let us begin, shall we? c:

1. Starbucks.

Our Target has a Starbucks and boy oh boy do people looOOOOoovvve starbucks! More often than not they will leave their empty/half-empty/completely full cups on shelves, hidden behind items, or on the floor, covered with their disgusting spit or grease from their hands. That and cake pop sticks. I love finding those everywhere too. I’m not sure how difficult it is to walk over to the garbage and throw their cups away, or hang on to them and then throw them away when they are finished shopping, but I am not a janitor. I shouldn’t have to pick up your garbage. Get your shit together and throw away your own damn cups. That’s the last thing I want to find while zoning, and also, it’s highly unsanitary.

2. LODs.

Whether it is their holier than thou attitude, their constant ‘walks’ around the store that get nothing done, their being vultures and looking over your shoulder while you try and help a customer`, silently judging you, or their insulting and often caustic remarks over walkie when the store is busy and salesfloor has shit to do, they are incredibly difficult to be around. Sometimes I wonder if they’re even human or some kind of robotic sass-factory. They expect us to help customers, greet every customer, take calls, fill in for electronics, occasionally take hardlines calls/softlines calls depending on which opposite you are on, fill in for cashiering up at the front, as well as do whatever job they have you currently on and finish it. How even. How is this possible. I have considered chopping off my arms and replacing them with robot arms, and maybe adding another pair of arms to assist my work, but that’s still up in the air. I have also spoken with other associates on the LOD’s atrocious and inhumane behavior toward them. One girl I work with who came in sick as a goddamn dog, told me that her lead was telling her she couldn’t call in anymore, that if she did she could be on thin ice, and facing firing. However as a lead and not HR, she has no right or ability to do so, and after she and I spoke to each other, she left that day to get herself better. No one should be expected to work when they’re that sick. And no one should feel bad about putting their health above their job. Another girl I spoke too worked at the fitting rooms primarily, and the calls she got were constant from customers. As such, the LOD was surprised she hadn’t gotten a lot of work done, and was incredibly snarky, assuming she was just sitting there with her thumb up her ass rather than working. This is in no way far, nor is it true, as she was working her tail off back there. Another of our fitting room attendants has some physical and mental handicaps, but he’s a seriously awesome guy. One of the LODs, the same one who decided that tearing my down one night while in men’s doing zoning, constantly is sharp with him over walkie, or insinuates he’s an idiot over walkie, which is never, EVER acceptable, with anyone. ~sigh~

3. Red Cards.

Red Card is love…Red Card is life. And Red Cards can suck my goddamn asshole. Our store puts up these stupid little paper things to commemorate card sales (right now it’s a christmas tree with little ornaments with card salespeople’s names on them), and I just think the whole concept is ridiculous. I am not a full-time cashier, mind you, and whenever my register prompts me to try and make a sale, I exit it out immediately. I am not wasting my time and the customer’s time with that bullshit, especially since I’m usually only up there if it’s really busy and they needed backup. Which is all the time. I don’t see why any customer should ever get the red card. And why isn’t it like any other store loyalty card? Scan it, get your savings, done and done. They shouldn’t have to commit to a debit or credit card. It’s silly. And the lady back there who makes most of the sales is such a straight-up bitch. She constantly looks pissed off, and my guess is she bullies customers into getting the card, as I doubt her kind words and sweet disposition would get her anywhere else.

4. Code names.

And by this I mean, team members instead of coworkers, guests instead of customers, LOD and whatever the fuck else they call them instead of just NAMES, and god there’s so many other shitty-ass words for things it just, it blows my mind. The customers are not our guest. We are not catering to them, they are buying shit and going home. They are CUSTOMERS. That’s it. And I am not on a team, I’m a seasonal goddamn employee with other coworkers. If I was kicking around a damn soccer ball, I might be more inclined to accept this title. Not team member. Get your head out of your ass and see the light, Target, you’re all a bunch of fuckers.

Feels good to rant on here. I love you all. Stay awesome. <3


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  • trashtalk says:

    Oh so fucking right. I hate the recognition over the walkies for getting a read card, the GSA, the STL, the LOD, they all chime in to do the sales pitch, so sick of hearing "blah blah blah for educating our guests on how they can save 5%" like we are all doing some kind of good deed - it's a credit card!! And a debit card!! (The debit btw does not debit your account immediately!) I read a customer response saying "the chatter on the walkies is annoying"

    • buttsforsale says:

      You bet that chatter on the walkies is annoying!! I hate it! It's like constant too. Sometimes I just want to turn the damn thing off!

      • TargetMinion says:

        Our store had guest comments about the annoyance of hearing the walkies. Our STL then had the HR TM (me) order 30 walkie headsets. All the LOD and TLs are required to wear them at our store. Having that crap in your ear (especially when LODs are all screaming about a REDCard some TM just got a Guest) is a million times more annoying.
        Talk about headaches.


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