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April 8, 2017 - molow

Fuuuuuuck this shit

I’ve been working at target for a year and a half and Im so done ! I started on the flow team , then moved to pog a few months after that and that was a fucking horrible decision. First of all I got thrown in at a really busy time so of course I’m gonna fuck stuff up when im left to figure it out on my own but then get in trouble afterwards even if I ask for help instead of anybody even attempting to show me the right way to do anything. Then I found out I was pregnant and let me tell you nobody gives a shit as long as you get that 8 hour pog done in 4 including carrying heavy ass shelves with no help especially not from the etl who sneaks up behind you and sees you struggling and saying “I need you to focus” and “why has your performance slowed down the past couple of weeks?” Are you fucking kidding me ?! And god forbid you get sick of being ignored on the walkie and have to go find that same etl who’s at his desk feet propped up to ask a question about a pog that needs to be mysupported just to have the response “have you seen some of these celebrities that have aged wow they look horrible” but when it’s time to go and it still hasn’t be resolved it’s your fault for not trying hard enough to figure out how to fix it even when there’s literally no solution to these bullshit instructions. But really the thing that has bothered me the most is an LOD who has nothing to do with my job who doesn’t even know how to do hers and has to be trained by her own employees targeting me because she hates me for literally no reason. She always says things that are completely unacceptable to me and my coworkers who have been with me to witness how horrible she acts towards me have been urging me for months to go to hr about it but I’ve been more than patient about it but today was the last straw when she timed my break by what time she “thought” I went in the breaktoom and came in to ask me why I was taking a long break with a smirk on her face while I’m sitting there getting my stuff to get up with 2 minutes left, IM SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT EXCUSE ME FOR NOT GETTING MY HUGE ASS UP FAST ENOUGH FOR YOU WHILE YOU STAND THERE AND KEEP ON AND ON ABOUT NOTHING while my coworkers are sitting there watching the whole thing and that was the last fucking straw. I should have got her ass when she told me that “she wanted all of the babies from the one night stands I was having to put them on her taxes” or “instead of buying a stroller for my son I should just put him in a plastic bag” WHO TF SAYS THAT TO SOMEBODY ?!? But since our store eliminated the hr position there’s no telling how much longer I’ll have to deal with this bitch and how much longer I can not snap on her. I really don’t understand how people like that are just given a higher position and get to treat people however they want with no consequences but that’s fucking target for you. Let’s see how long it takes for them to find a way to fire me ?


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