Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

October 22, 2013 - ZeroMovement

Fun Fact

Being super vague to avoid detection, due to high paranoia in the higher ups of my store.

But a certain store in the mid west that I work at actually blocks this website on there wifi if you try and visit it.

Target is so desperate to control and censor information about it self that most major news articles i’ve found for the last couple years get totally shut out by BullshitEye HQ.

Not only that but they’ve been strategically shutting down stores to stop unions, inspections and hiding standard team member protocols from the public.

Sure you can find there standard code of business or as I call it code of bullshit that they give to new hires. But if you try to find any sort of employee handbook that most companies post for the world to see. It simply cannot be found.

That mixed with all the shady stories and incompetent ass hats running the anything above “Team member” makes me wonder what is Target really trying to hide? are they really that afraid that the public will rub the shit out of their eyes like most of Target’s staff do and see them for what they really are?

Recently someone called a “code red” over the radio in my place of employment and I actually found myself hoping the damn building would burn down. and speaking code red why is it Target has an “ignore it and go back to work” policy on FIRES in the building? most public buildings like say Schools get everyone out at the first hint of a fire. So why does Tarshit insist on keeping it hush hush till the LOD can’t hide it anymore and orders the evacuation?


Target in certain areas and supposedly company wide is changing how it allocates hours to departments running them off of customer based numbers rather then set shifts. They claimed and made it look publicly like a big change. stating things like there current employees would be given hours typically given to an influx of staff during the holidays. Yet the employee perks are worse then ever, hours lower then they were before in my store started this “new way”. Lots of team members barely getting scheduled enough to survive


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    That's funny Target has something to hide. Always thought so I could never find an SOP when I tried to search one and when I challenged a bullshit call their answer would be because it is the Target way.

  • Silverfox says:

    😉 they aren't doing too well up here either if that makes you feel any better.

  • viciousdave says:

    I just got talked to on my shift yesterday about what the red card is really for according to the company. I got talked to about it and I said I thought it was for regional profit from the interest rate to get more money. She said the red card is for guests to keep returning to Target so they keep spending money and revisit the store so Target keeps making profits from guests. Ok, so being nice and respectful and happy isn't enough to keep guests coming back? What happened to the good old days of just offering some good service? So I say to your whole story here, they can ask and ask as much as they want for me to ask for the red card to guests, but I just won't do it that much as I don't feel like it. Unlucky for me though, my store won't shut down or close or go bankrupt any time because it's right in the center of a main highway and people from over 5 cities go to there, one of those cities is giant, called Minneapolis and has over 650,000 population. Yeah, metropolitan areas have no hope of ever closing.

    • TargetSucks says:

      Yeah, retail credit cards are mostly about customer retention. The high interest rates are just a bonus.

      Gift cards are also a scam. They know that most people (over 50%) that receive gift cards or coupons spend at least double the amount available on the gift card or coupon.

    • Junip says:

      You can get nice and respectful anywhere (except Wal-Mart) but the 5% is an added bonus. Yeah, it barely covers sales tax in most states, but the very idea that you are saving something will attract any person who is looking to save a couple of bucks to your store.

      If you knew you had a card that saved you money when you shopped somewhere, then you are more likely to shop at that place. Also, you are more likely to spend more money at the place because the more you buy, the more you save, and the savings allow you buy more stuff.

      I actually think the old system was better, where you saved 10% once when you signed up for the card and you would periodically get 10% coupons to use in the store. It was so easy to get RedCards in electronics because everyone who bought a TV or game console usually signed up for it.

      My mom has had a Redcard since they started offering them in the late 90's. She used it everywhere because she knew that the more she put on it the more 10% coupons she would get. When she got the coupon she would then go to Target and make a big purchase to get the most out of it.

      What I hate now is the Redcard is all they care about. You can be green on your speed but if you don't get two red cards a day you're worthless to them.

      I remember when I started at Target and total sales is what they cared about. LOD's would constantly be telling us to drive sales so we could meet our goal each day. Now, it's all about the Redcard. The sales are there. Like you said, Target isn't closing down anytime soon.

      I think the Redcards are pure greed. They make money on you shopping at Target. They don't loose money because they don't have to pay other credit card companies fees. And they make money on the interest rate.

      The worst thing is, the team member are the last to reap the benefits of Redcard conversion. The LOD's will get their fat checks at the end of the year, and the CEO can add a couple million to his salary, but you, me, and the rest of us just have to bend over and get fucked as they say "I'm sorry we can't give your more, but the economy sucks."

    • Hephaestus789 says:

      Its funny that you mention about how target wants to keep bringing the guests in to buy stuff at the store with the stupid redcard. My LOD tells me that all the time, and just recently, we've been told that when you're doing a return at G.S. we have to offer the gift card first instead of Debit/Credit/Cash. Because the money will stay in the business, instead of giving it back to the guest. I laughed when I was told that, I don't do it at all 🙂

  • ZeroMovement says:

    Fun Fact 2:
    I recently have done some more digging into the red cards.
    When you ask a TL or ETL about them they say "there is no downside to it" But I recently found the truth through a spree of breach of privacy articles.
    According to one article and this one actually had official Target commenting to try and defend itself. anyway according to this article anyone that signs up for a redcard debit or credit is given a unique ID number in Target's internal database linked to there bank account. this ID number is then given a log that catalogs all purchases the "guest" makes from then on. Once this catalog starts the coupons the little machine atop the cash register spits out are "targeted" *ironic right?* based on past purchases. the article went on to point to a case that received a lot of public light in which a woman who didn't even know she was pregnant nor did her parents whom she was living with, began receiving "congratulations" mail from target with baby based coupons and so forth. I wish I could remember the name of the article but the whole thing feels fishy and evasive. Glad I'm putting in my two weeks soon and when I do you can be sure I'm shredding maybe even burning my redcard and never setting foot in this store again. I didn't think it was possible to say it but these people are worse then Google. The privacy evasion needs to stop for guests and team members alike.

    • yeahright says:

      I actually had the article bookmarked waiting for it to be relevant, so I'm glad you mentioned it:


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