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April 23, 2013 - kirito

fuk this place

so today i got my review “fantastic”…. not at all 16 cent raise and only to be told since your new and havent been with us fr a full year this is how we start the newbies, now mind you im one of the last ones to get my review so my friend who has been there the same time i have got a 21 cent raise, some of my other friends who have been there for a while and are the laziest mofos in electronics got a 30 cent raise and another got 25 cent raise, which is funny to me because they call me on my days off and i say yes, they want me to pull a double i say yes, sometimes there are 2 hardlines members and i dont count myself cuz im in electronics and they expect me to zone and do strays for elctronics, toys, sporting goods, automotive, mini seasonal and garden. now i do all that shit to the best of my ability and they say though u have an unmatched guest service you are inefective to complete tasks in a timely manner wiith a sense of urgency i do my best with all those fuking depts by myself cuz no one else helps me at times and i finish the majority of the strays and i leave a perfect zone and im still new they said i dont participate in reconizing team members why the fuk is that important so i dont write great team cards i do more for them so i dont have to write them anything i buy my friends lunch as a thank you sometimes for helping complete tasks at times and because thats what we do and what fuked my mind mre was that i dont drive sales enough thse cazy mother fukers need to open their eyes that its because of me the electronics dept is green and people come back to the store cuz i always recieve great comments with my customer service even with all the shit i have to do in the damn store sometimes ill be in the store from 8am to close because someone called out i excell in every front and yet thats it i dont even care about the raise the fact that the laziest r*****s who never do work get compensated better and dont get bitched at when they cant go to work or leave early, the other day i asked to leave an hour early the LOD said “no i need u hear because of lack of staff” so i do wat they say but wen i need something from them its a no….. and those lods and tl dont understand how stressful it is to deal with people at times and have 3 or 4 diff dpts to do and all they do is sit in TSE and bullshit and tell us wat to do over the walkie FUK THIS PLACE I HATE TARGET, not even the manager knows how to manage the store right i gave up no more doing things for their benefits ima do me


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