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December 5, 2014 - khronos

Fuck you Target

I started working at Target the first week of November, I was really excited to start as it was my first job, it was going pretty well at first but then I noticed the “team members” aka shitheads slacked off or left randomly just to make me do the majority of the work that they started themselves. They would also yell at me if I wasn’t doing it “their” way, assume that I knew what to do, accuse me of things and roll their eyes if I asked them a simple fucking question. I was hired to be on the seasonal flow team and I was always on time, I never missed a day and never complained, when I went to work I did my job and then some, I would always stay until ALL of my work was finished, yet when I got to work I was always treated like shit. They had me doing almost every position in the store and gave me very poor training. I was also trained as a cashier /very poorly I might add/ and learned the majority of the tasks through trial and error.

On Black Friday I was a cashier, I was scheduled from 6pm to 4:30am and I was in the 10 items or less lane. Three other people were next to me and three employees in particular would constantly be joking around like this was a big game. I had rung up numerous people and got them in and out as fast as possible to avoid having to deal with impatient rude people. Half way through I had a bunch of go backs, spider wraps and hangers so I put the hangers in the large trash can labeled “Hangers” and went to ask the young girl beside me where I could put the spider wraps and go backs, when I went over to her I seen a cart behind her but she was busy having an important conversation with two other employees, when I asked her she looked at me and continued having her loud as fuck conversation about random music and where each other went to high school which was obviously so much more important. I then raised my voice for all three and maybe a few customers to hear “I don’t know if you heard me?! Can I put the spider wraps and go backs in this cart?! I have to get back to my register because unlike you, I have guests to attend to..” I finally got a response out of her and she said softly “Yes you can put them in there” I then said “Now was that hard to do?!” as I went back to my register. I must’ve rung up over 100 people that night and I only seen a handful of people at her register but you better believe she was the first one to leave the second the clock struck 10pm! What idiots…

One girl that I worked with on the flow team was pregnant, I would think that she would be a liability for the company due to the heavy lifting she did. She was also a total bitch to me and always wanted everything done precisely her way and when she wouldn’t get her way she’d ramble on at me and I would play stupid like I didn’t know what she was talking about. I could hardly understand her 99% of the time anyway due to her broken English. Being pregnant she would always have one of the other coworkers put her hand on her stomach to feel the baby, the last time I checked we work when we are on the clock. The same two girls would always take my pda without asking even when I was standing just feet away with piles of items in my cart and they would never give it back so I always had to ask to borrow someone else’s pda because there were never any in the back room.

I am not at all racist but honestly if you work around people and have customers that are mainly speakers of the English language then you should speak English especially if it concerns work. I was asked by a customer where something was and I didn’t know where that item was in the store so I looked for one of my coworkers and asked her if she knew where it was, her answer “I don’t speak English” yet I hear her speak clear English around other people but she’s too god damned fucking lazy to just say “Oh it’s down this isle here”

I was assigned to be in the fitting room one day, I heard through random gossip that another girl with the same name as me got mixed up on the schedule, which honestly isn’t all too big of a deal. When I seen the girl I said jokingly “I heard they got us mixed up” she replied with “What do you mean” with this sarcastic bitchy look on her face. She then started to freak out and told me “Do you know what you’re supposed to be doing, do you know where you are today?” She’s talking to me like I’m an idiot so I tell her “Excuse me, I’ve been here longer then you have today, this is what I’m assigned to do” She then gets on the radio and says “There’s a problem that needs to be fixed right away, there has been a mix up between the two /Names/” I started getting pissed off and tell her “What the hell is the big deal, guess I can’t joke with anyone here” and I walked away. I then see the jackass go over to guest service to tattle like the little pathetic piece of shit she is.

I also felt very uncomfortable in my workplace due to what I think is inappropriate coworker contact, one man in particular which also happened to be an LOD would stare at me for long periods of time, position himself where he could watch me, randomly pop up in places I was working and gently rub the mid part of my back when I passed by him. He would seek me out and always ask me to stay longer or to help him with something, he flirted with me constantly until I embarrassed him in front of another coworker then he never spoke to me again. I was also sexually harassed four times, all by customers, one customer even asked me if I wanted a baby with him, I mean what the actual fuck!

The day I quit I told the bubbly jackass of a lady at HR about all of my experiences as well as the sexual harassment from customers and she shrugged it off like it was nothing. What a bitch, I’m so glad I quit, it was a waste of time working there.


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