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August 15, 2015 - LODtouchups

Fuck you Softlines.

I’ve been working at the same store now for almost 3 years in the Gorcery Dept.(Super Target) and I have to say I have seen so much nonsense that I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll just paint with broad strokes for now. Warning, rant incoming.

We have the largest, busiest┬ádepartment in the store and only have 2 closers. Yet we somehow manage to finish ahead of everyone else. When I say finish here’s what I mean.

  • Zone all of dry grocery
  • Zone all of the vendor products like chips, bread, and soda
  • Zone beer and wine
  • Zone paper and chemical
  • Zone 2 large aisles of frozen products
  • Zone all endcaps
  • Fill the milk for the next day
  • Finnish 6-7 pulls consisting of dry grocery, frozen, dairy, and paper and chemical
  • Unload the FTC truck
  • Finnish all re-shop before we leave
  • Go back and touch up product that has been shopped

Myself and the other closer both start our shift at 5pm and we are open until 11pm.

Somehow we ALWAYS manage to finish before most departments. Oh, this also usually includes 45-60mins of back up cashiering. Fuck you back up cashiering. Fuuuuuuuccck Youuuuuuu.

It drives me insane that we then have to go to other departments to pick up their slack. I’m looking right at you softlines. You are the fucking bane of my existence. You and your 5 closers stand around and talk all night in the fitting room, can be found in clerical sitting on your ass, or up at guest services jacking around.

Hey don’t worry, we’ll fucking zone Infant basics for you. Oh whats that? shoes needs to be done as well? No problem. “LOD, shoes and Infant basics are done. Where should we go?”


“Ummmm…..pretty sure the ready to wear tables in Softlines needs to be zoned.”




Hello 2am and fuck you softlines.




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