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March 12, 2015 - Don101

Fuck this company. Put in 2 weeks!

I have worked for Tarshit for several years and just put in my 2 weeks after finding a job related to my major…thank fucking God. SO, here is a brief list of things I have grown to hate about this piece of trash company. Hope some of you can relate!

  • Hiring shitty, entitled, inexperienced, random-major-in-college, fake, over the top in your face positive attitude ETLs.
  • ETLs always chat it up with each other and their ass kissing TLs/team members they play favorites with while everyone else gets chewed out for not working fast enough, diddling around, etc.
  • ETLs will do this pathetic god damn “mid day zone” which is an excuse for them to all go to an area, like the paper towel aisle, that doesn’t need 6 FUCKING MANAGERS to zone, and talk and laugh with each other while gossiping about team members. What is this, high school? Do something fucking productive to the store instead of your shit excuse of “zoning together.”
  • Entitled, rude, dip shit, lazy, messy customers. Pretty self explanatory. I worked in a relatively upper class area so a lot of the customers were spoiled bitch trophy wives and cranky old fucks.
  • Lack of respect. Unless you are one of the chosen few kiss asses, you rarely, if ever, get recognition for busting your ass for the lazy ass ETLs. Depending on your job, you will be treated even more like a piece of shit. I was a cart attendant for a few years, trust me.
  • Walkies. Fucking annoying, 80% of the time no one will even respond over them.
  • Shoving the god damn red cards down everyones throats. Haven’t asked about one in years. Fuck that. I don’t make commission on that shit. The people who get praised for it are the ones who harass the shit out of people for it. The other day I overheard one of the top red card sellers at our store and WOW the customer said no and she kept going on and on. “Are you sure? You don’t want to save 5%?! Cmon! Why not? Did you know you get free shipping?” etc. Absolutely disgusting. Wanted to turn around and say THEY SAID NO YOU STUPID BITCH!
  • Ridiculous expectations. Tarshit is too cheap to hire enough people and too stupid to hire people who can correctly schedule. Every person is expected to do the job of 4 people for barely above minimum wage.
  • Pay. Need I say more? Absolutely embarrassing. It truly boggles my mind how a company can still have such a good reputation among the general public with how it pays its “TEAM MEMBERS.” I have worked there on and off since high school when I was 16 (23 now…would come back from college to work over winter breaks) and I make 8.67 an hour. I was lucky if I got a 15 cent raise. What a fucking joke. And the management wonders why we don’t have a “positive vibe” attitude at work…
  • The whole company policy to suck the dick of every customer. They take the slogan “the customer is always right” to a new extreme. Doesn’t matter if the customer (not a fucking guest) is obnoxiously rude, obviously in the wrong, or whatever, Tarshit management will give them what they want which only leads to them being ENTITLED AS FUCK. The other day I had a lady call asking about a coffee mug. Found it in a spot, said “it’s $10….oh wait it’s actually in the wrong spot, sorry about that, it’s $25.” Her: “WELL CAN’T I GET IT FOR THE CHEAPER PRICE….YOU SAID IT WAS IN THE WRONG SPOT!” Me:”uh, yes but it’s not like it caused any inconvenience to you…I am the one here at the store checking for you…” Her: “ASK A MANAGER!!” So I did, and the ETL, without a single though, said “yeah totally give it to her for $10.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? LEARN TO SAY “NO” YOU SPINELESS COCK SHITS.
  • Other team members. You know, those lazy fuckers who won’t respond over the walkie, or always grab the easiest pull, or try to suck up to the managers any chance they get, or the old bags who have been there so long they think they can do whatever they want whenever they want and take their job waaaayyyy too seriously.

Glad to be out of this awful company. Believe me, I wanted to leave this store in the rudest most flamboyant way possible…but I’m not about to burn bridges. Hope you all still stuck there find something else!!!


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  • RedCardFairy says:

    OMG!! You are Sooo right on all of your points. Congratulations on your new job 🙂

  • rainprincess64 says:

    I remember the beautiful, glorious moment of handing in my 2 weeks notice to none other than the new STL. She was "saddened" by the news but "understood my need for a full time job with benefits due to having a baby on the way." Well yeah no fucking shit, just under $400 every pay period isn't enough to support one person, let alone a family. That money is only enough for a high school kid wanting extra cash and work experience. Yeah I can thank their sorry asses for retaliating against me for calling the Integrity Line for giving me BS treatment, lying about my medical note so I can have water and my breaks on god damned time (not every 3 fucking hours) as a cashier let alone one who is pregnant, AND for a bullshit write-up thanks to "lack of red cards" (and other made up shit to conceal the fact the write-up was ONLY about red cards). Yeah, the mofos legit sliced my hours in half after I called the Integrity Line on their behinds and lied through their teeth every step of the way. Ugh, fuck this POS company. I hope their ship sinks real fast. The company as a whole just seems to really suck ass at the rate they're going, ugh!

  • viciousdave says:

    Yup, you perfectly explained it. I have tons of people say no that coffee maker is only $15, the computer says $40. I politely said I just checked those prices yesterday, it's the Mr. Coffee that is 15, this one is 40. No it's not what the shelf said. I said it doesn't matter where you find it at, it's not about the shelf price because move it in the wrong place all the time, blame them, not me or the store crew. The real price is always what the computer says and it was cause I grabbed a code price to show her off the shelf of the exact item she had. I prove people wrong all day long and I love it. Before you know it, sadly I'll get fired for proving the truth. The truth for fuck sake. TLs are always like but we have to change it to keep our guests. NO NO NO. Company keeps making big money, me and the crew get big hours and more money than bitch!

    • Silverfox says:

      At the rate they are going they are probably going to sink soon. Defrauding suppliers. lol. maybe they should stop letting the customers defraud them.

      • rainprincess64 says:

        The stupid ETLs at the store I used to work at legit told the TLs they HAVE to let the guests have their way to make them happy. Again same with coupons that CLEARLY aren't for the item they're "purchasing", which I never complied with anyways.

  • poohbear80 says:

    our gstl and hr are the same way, happiness bubbling out of their ears. it all makes me sick. many customers at my store get something from the wrong area and i explain a customer probably moved it there but it doesn't matter, it might seem to target that they are enhancing loyalty but in the long run they are just losing more money they need, you can't run a business just slashing your prices for everyone and it's not fair to the people who pay regular price because they weren't lucky enough to find something that was misplaced.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    Yeah at my store i was actually told to "make it right for the guest" and say yes to the guest. It is a total free for all. The signs/flyers are useless whatever they want to pay for something is what they pay. No wonder they can't pay the team members a living wage they are too busy giving the store away.


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