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July 19, 2014 - fucktarget

Fuck the guests…..

That walk by the huddle and think they are being funny by participating!! FUCK YOU CUNT! Go about your business and get back to buying more shit you don’t need!!! You have to earn the right to be in this fucking pointless huddle by putting up with fucking shit all god damn day! Eat a dick!!!!


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  • edge says:

    "Guests" can be the worst part of tarshit. I can't stand it when old people buy alcohol then argue about us having to check their IDs.
    I hate it when they come in on their phones and buy a water bottle with a $100 bill and just when you put it in and are in the process of giving change, they say "oops! Give that back so I can give you a dollar!"
    ...maybe you shouldn't have been on your phone at the register so you could pay attention?
    And of course the clearance items they claim to have that actually aren't on clearance... But we have to give it to them.
    They think coming to tarshit is posh when really it's just like Walmart. Fucking snobby self-entitled assholes.


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