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August 31, 2017 - fucktarget96


I can’t believe I work at target it’s a living hell. My name is  Insert name here and i was a softlines team member but i got switched to hardlines and I thought I would be free and feel relaxed. But as my three months ended I started to feel physically and emotionly drained. I tried to be positive but I can’t anymore. I wish I could quit but I  need the money. They scheduled me for closing shifts ever since I started and I’m tried of it.  I hardly see my parents anymore cause i’m constantly closing and i feel so distant from them. Some the higher ups are a bunch of morons and treat me like i’m nothing like dirt. they call target a family it’s hell. Sometimes i could take it all back and save myself from ever applying.


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  • spirals73 says:

    I remember seeing the new people all happy and then a few months later what they had gotten into showed up on their faces. I always used to say to myself "...give it time; give it time." It's soul-sucking.


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