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January 5, 2015 - notacorporatekissass

Fuck Target, part 2!

This is part 2 of my first rant;


Target hides behind this “fast, fun and friendly” slogan that is utter bullshit. Let’s be honest here, they are slave drivers.  At least Wal-Mart admitted to wrong doing. Target continues to hide their dicrepensies .

They claim the guest is to be made happy, the guest is always right and we are to go to whatever lengths to help them. If that is true, then why have I personally, or other Co-workers, been scolded on numerous ocassions for spending too much time with a guest? Its hindering our actual work they say. Then turn around and in the same breath, scold us for not helping the guests and that’s why guest satisfaction isn’t high enough. The guests are rude, whiney, spoiled, jerks that use Target’s rules to their advantage.

Another thing, good luck asking to leave early for an emergency. I needed my Christmas Eve shift cut by 4 hours. I had an out of my control, call from family about needing to be in California for Christmas. I couldn’t say no, my grandfather had just passed and my grandmother needed everyone, as this may be her last year with us. This meant driving all night to be in California the next day. I utilized the “open-door” policy Target claims they have and asked to leave early. The shit storm to follow amazed me. Apparently, since I said I was available on Wednesdays, they went and scheduled me for closing that night. I kept repeating that it was a call i was not expecting and that I needed to go, it was urgent. HR and the LOD were complete assholes about the entire situation but finally found someone to cover the remaining 4 hours I would be out and made me feel like shit during the entire process. Wonder how they felt when I didn’t show up the next day because I quit. Haaahaa just kidding, I don’t give a shit.  Oh and I looked at the Christmas Eve schedule before I walked out those red doors, and noticed HR never even changed my schedule for that day.

Another no no for them is needing to leave early, ONE fucking day because of being worked so hard and on a fluctuating schedule, that on this particular day, you are so dizzy that you almost hit a “guest” with the CAF cart. Yeah, so much for caring about the guests or the TEAM MEMBERS (what the hell is that? There was no team, just a bunch of corporate slaves dressed in the god awful, red and khaki) my schedule was never the same, I would open one day, close the next, have early morning the following day and midday after that and they made a good point of scattering it all. I was exhausted , I took a 6th day that week, and I was already 6 days in, 9 hour shifts, (more on the nights I closed) with no day off; all of a sudden the entire store started spinning and I hit an end-cap from the dizziness. I spoke to the LOD and she said “well, we need everyone her tonight. Its a week before Christmas and we need everyone. Go drink some water and continue your shift.” fuck my potential injury or injury to a guest right?! I continued the shift and was a bitch to everyone in management. I am a believer in respect is earned, not given and if you treat me like dog shit, I will tell you off in a heartbeat. I have worked in retail since I started working and I hate it. But I need the money to finish college, so I went on my merry way, and zoned my areas. Which that day was toys. Fuck toys and fuck the people who throw shit on the floor, even when they see me stocking and straightening, just tohave. To turn around and do it all over again because an LOD saw shit on the floor on another aisle. It was Christmas time, zoning should have been the last thing we kept up on. So I would follow behind rude guests, cleaning up the shit they threw or tossed all over the place and yet, Target wants me to refer to them as guests? HA!

Speaking of respect; what is up with Target’s philosophy on our personal cell phones?! On numerous ocassions, I would have to use MY phone to call other stores for guests wanting shit that is sold out everywhere. ( If you really wanted that Barbie doll house, or the Frozen ice castle, you should have bought it a week ago, when we had it in stock. ) I would sit on hold forever for these ungreatful bastards. Calling multiple stores for them. Only to have them get pissed that I couldn’t find it. Or that our backroom(you know the mystical room that customers think has every damn item known to man. Like we just hoard shit in the “back”. “Well, can’t you just go look in the back?” “no bitch, I can’t. The stockroom guys handle what goes in and out and if my PDA shows we don’t have what you want, THEN that’s it.”) doesn’t have the Lego set or the other dumbass item they wanted. I finally got so pissed that I was using my data and my talk time, making calls for Target, that I told guests I can give them the number to other stores and they can call. Which, they bitched to guest services about and in turn, I was bitched at. If Target wants to pay my phone bill, then I will gladly keep making business calls from it. Until that happens, its my phone and I won’t be using it for rude ass customers.

And Red cards; ugh…. “Will you be saving 5% with us today by using your Red card?” “Ohh, don’t have one, well let me just shove the benefits down your throat and feed you a bunch of shit about a card that we want you to get so we can make more money off of your shopping addiction.” (to be fair though, I have a Red card.) my whole thing on Red cards is this; if the customer wants it, they can ask me to help them sign up. I am not going to shove it down their throat, even if that means I get bitched at. And I did, a lot. Half the time though, I got bitched at for not asking customers if they want it or the debit card. My reason for that is because, I worked the sales floor, I don’t give a shit what happens up front. I would only get called up there for backup.(all damn day because Target can schedule people.) So, therefore, since I was only backup, my job is to help get people through the lines as fast as possible. That means, I skip the red card bullshit. And I heard about it. But I just bit my tongue and tried to get through the rest of the seseason. Glad I quit, so, it’s over now.

Target is a joke!! It’s a corporation out for money and nothing else.




  • rainprincess64 says:

    Hell I'm a cashier and I sure don't ask most people if they want the red card unless a supervisor is in earshot. I tell shoppers the truth, that the credit card sucks and I only recommend the debit card. 19-22% interest rate to save 5% with the card not working at least 25% of the time is NOT worth getting the credit card. I seriously hope that I get the job I'm interviewing for next week because I am so through with this place. I was promised to work every week in the pharmacy for training and that has not happened. I've been back there twice since October!


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