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June 22, 2013 - cihysfstfu

Fuck Target ETL’s at T1846

They’re all a bunch of morons and dumb fucks. They can care less about team members as human beings instead they treat us like puppets on a string. All Erika J does is hang out in the AP office watching people on camera throughout her shift. She walks in pairs with other ETL’s like if they can’t work alone. Oh and I hope there’s not a backup in the front lanes cause none of the ETL’s respond to it cause they’re too busy hanging out in Callen’s office or Erika’s office having a buffet. Little does Rebecca know what goes on with her ETL’s once she’s out of the building. Everything is just so unfair and the stores morale is rock bottom…but who cares right? Just keep driving those fucking red cards…fuck all that!


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