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November 7, 2015 - NoNameJane

Fuck Target

Hello my fellow target haters ;

I’ve read plenty paragraphs on why everyone hates target & I have my own little story to add. I’m a ex target employee about 3 months located store T1127. I recently quit because target is full of bullshit, from racist customers & co-workers & Redcard harrassment to lazy managers. My original job was working in cafe but where ever they placed me I worked & sometimes harder than most. When I’m done in cafe I tend to feel the need of helping others but that store never appreciated one bit. Rather than giving me a pat on the back I get a slap on the wrist every time. My managers never did Shit but sit on their lazy asses and tell everyone what to do. Redcards on the other hand was a total fucking nightmare. It got to the point that if we didnt get a redcard by the end of the day we get coached. What type of bs is that? Not even to mention the racist coworkers. She always made lil racist comments toward the African American workers. Talked to plenty workers and they just let her pass with ease as if its okay…Whenever we told a manager they act as if we said nothing. One night I just finally got fed up & quit at the end of my shift. Am I Wrong?


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  • viciousdave says:

    I do the same at my job as in helping others. I help other workers and the guest people if they need it. When I get back in just 2 to 5 minutes leaders go where the hell were you? There was a crap load of guests there and no one was there or we needed help! I say well it's near the end of the night I helped on carts, or baskets, or employee get something done, or a guest with a carry out help they needed. So what we can't help others only you leaders can because you got nothing else to do but be lazy and do nothing all day long but stand around and answer the light bulbs flickering on lanes? Please. Seriously, they got a problem, they are all like if your not on your station you are in trouble and than have to walk back to there manager rooms in the front corner, hey what's up, what the hell were you doing away from your area when we needed you? Uh, duh helped others, notcing not a lot of other people to worry about. It's good that your left, all target leaders don't even have a college degree of any kind and think they can just boss everyone around so much that we can't even help others.


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