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July 16, 2016 - eatshittarget

Fuck T0847

I was hired in april for starbucks, applied to be a cashier (both fucking suck at starbucks cant keep a teamlead cause target also fucking sucks in general) they wrongfully terminated me over a giftcard they think i stole. Had me come in for my shift, brought me in the backroom (no cops just ap and pos gtl) tell me theyre doing a survey ask me questions ask me how i like the new remodel whatever. The ap then starts explaining his job as if he didnt already do so during orientation. Then he starts calling me a lier and slandering me over a fucking 15$ giftcard without showing me any footage or proof then start interogating me trying to get me to rat out employees at foodave. Fired me, had me turn in my discount and badge and told me to pay 15$. This was the worst goddamn job i have ever had. Horrible managment corporate doesnt do shit LODS are all fucking pricks, atl is a stupid slut whos fucked a few of the employees and gives them free shit. I am so damn ashamed for being excited to work for this piece of shit company. They can all suck the shit out of eachothers asses with a straw. Not to mention the fat ass who fired me would get free shit from starbucks and wink at me not to say anything. And the fat bitch at customer service would go to food ave have her friend make her breadsticks then mark them as qmos. I picked up my last paycheck on 7/15/16 and they treated me like complete shit. Fuck you target, fuck your stupid ass red cards, fuck your shitty ap fuck starbucks and fuck target corporate. Im calling ster-o tech on those piece of shits and the health department. Foodave has served people undercooked hot dogs, topped pizzas with food thats been out all night due to the fridge not being pluged in. Disgusting! I hope the turbochef oven blows the fuck up on starbucks team lead.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    I find it very unlikely they would cite that you stole as the reason they fired you if they could not prove it. The reason I say this is because it would open them up to litigation that they would lose. Now if you signed something you shouldn't have because that is an admittance of guilt.

  • fuckinaye says:

    Something similar happened to me. The system had just updated and I had made someone a $10 gift card because I thought the register was being funky. Come to find out it wasn’t and it gave her her gift card at the end. I forgot to take off the gift card that I had made, when I realized this I asked my GSA what I should do and she said take it. Literally. They fired me over it.


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