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September 5, 2018 - Target808

Fuck it.

Yo so motherfuckinshitstix target ass ETL’s.

I been reading alot of post for at least 3 years now. Thats how long ive been working at target. I dont remember how this site came to my attention. But its been great & truth to me. Like, a bible for Target and what to look out for. Almost everything has come to pass.


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  • amped71 says:

    As I have too. I was told the environment from 2 co workers exactly as I saw it since I started. These two co workers told me a story about the LODs will tell you to jump this far then when you do they’ll tell you that’s okay but you could of further. With me it was total BS they tried to convince me BS I was a bad employee as they stand around talking to other employees at my level allow those same employees take it easy slackers the real bad employees. As they treated several of us as if we were the bad employees. I’m not there because I wasn’t raised the put up shut up. After awhile I called out the LODs on there BS in a respectful way. Like when I was told I’m not fast enough on urgency on wave my reply to them at who’s speed. It left the LODs hating me and doing everything to have me gone. From setting goals to me their favorites don’t and can’t do. As the LODs and their favorites taking it easy. I wasn’t going to be breaking my back so their favorite slackers can take it easy. So their BS my firing claiming I did a no call/no show.


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