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September 14, 2013 - Anonymanus


I just want to say that I couldn’t even make it past the 90 day period for working for this awful company. Between being walked over by my managers and the “Guests”, I had finally had enough and have moved on.

I started working for my store in early June and at first, I rolled along with it. I’m a recent college grad, got bills to pay and it was a short walk from my apartment. Seemed ideal. But I let the company know that I am only here to make payments and that I will probably be here no longer than a year.┬áSure enough, I only worked 4 months because of these awful circumstances. Today marks the end of the 90 day period and I couldn’t make it past that.

Anyone who can work at this store for more than a year has my absolute sympathy because I couldn’t handle the stress and depression I had from working here for 3 months.

Being a recent college grad, I wanted to find a job in my field. Sure enough, I landed a nice, high paying, part-time position doing something I love and giving me enough time to work two jobs in July. So after being hired by my other job, I told my HR department that I can only do 20 hours a week with them and that I can no longer work late evenings and early mornings (because my other job is a graveyard shift basically). I could do weekends fine, but I needed most of Monday-Friday to be a bit more lenient. So I was told I had to wait for the shift manager to come in. But she was on vacation and I was told I have to talk to her… when she GETS BACK FROM VACATION.

I had to spend a full week, training for my other job from working at 5 at night to five in the morning then be immediately back at Target at 8 that morning and expected to VIBE with guests and sell redcards. Then I’m being told by my TL’s that I’m not performing well and after explaining my situation, I am still treated like I only work for them. What bothered me the most was that there was no one to pick up for her. Is it really hard to get someone else to do this? Is it really that hard to not get someone to fill in because this store is huge and there are easily over 200 people working here at the moment and not one of them could fill in? Nobody else can fill in her position? Pardon my french but that’s fucking r******d.

But there was at least one person I straight up respected at HR and he was a godsend. He found out about this situation and defended me completely for what the company had been putting me through. It was through him that I was told about using MAX and I was furious that I was never told about it. My training was done by a low-level employee who didn’t so much as give one single fuck about this job or training me. And because of that, I was never told of MAX. Worst of all was that other HR members knew full well that I needed hours changed but didn’t want to put in the fucking effort to help me.

I finally got my hours lowered and I would hand them my schedule for my other job every week in advance. I worked 30 hours there and to work around the days I have off would be totally fine. Did they listen? Nope. Even though I only had to work around 3-4 days a week, they still tried to put me in for times I couldn’t do. So rather work 20 hours a week, I ended up working around 8-12 hours a week because I just flat out couldn’t make the time. I offered to come in the next day or at a later time that day, yet they refused. Even though they complained that there was hardly any cashiers every single day.

So I finally rolled in and said I was giving my two week notice. Today was my final day, and I had it. I had a long night at my other job and working on other stuff I needed done yet I still went in. However, I wore jeans instead of kakis. I figured, everyone has treated my like such shit and I really need to do other stuff today, I figured, why not? I had just gotten off the train from my other job and I had no time to go home to change. I at least wore a red sweater and I had my name tag on me. As soon as my TL sees me, all hell breaks loose.

If I was still a regular employee, I would have been super apologetic and explain my situation. Maybe even gone upstairs immediately and bought a pair of kakis. But today, I didn’t fucking care. After my TL for the morning and the TL of the overnight tried to guilt trip me, I finally gathered the courage and said, “If I gave a shit about your opinions, I would still be working here. But I’m not. It’s my final day and I don’t give a rats ass about this store and most of all, you.” I was told that I could never apply for another Target store ever again. That I was “Disrespectful” to the company and everyone in it.

You know what’s really disrespectful, that I have busted my ass day after day for this store. I worked hard, I sold enough red cards, came early every day, stayed when you needed the extra help, allowed terrible people to say the most racist and unflattering things to me and other employees in this store without batting an eye and I’M DISRESPECTFUL? After the hell you have put me through when I asked for less hours without being explained of MAX? For not putting effort to allow me to work both of my jobs? I was willing to continue working for this company. I was willing to work 7 days a week. I was willing to give this company my time and my abilities. But it’s clear that I am just not valuable enough.

I held a poker face the entire meeting with both TL’s. If they weren’t going to listen to me before, why should I now? I am all for treating people the way you want to be treated. So you want to be treated like a soulless piece of shit who clearly doesn’t care about you or anything other than your own pay, fine. I will do just that. I don’t care about this company and I’ve let them know in the last two weeks by flat out refusing to ask any guest if they want a redcard. Why should I help a company achieve a goal when they refuse to be team players? That’s not how a team works. You’re supposed to have each others backs. Not put knives in them.

Instead, I was told to go home and to hand in my name tag and employee discount card. I handed it to them with a smile on my face.



I feel like the Fry “Not sure if” meme right now. Because I’m not sure if I was fired, or that I flat out quit. Maybe both. And it feels great.


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  • SayWhaaat says:

    You worked 90 days, but 4 months? Typo maybe?

    • yeahright says:

      At first I thought it might be, but if someone worked five days a week for four months (16 weeks), that'd only be 80 days. Add an extra few days here and there, and 90 days in 4 months seems about right.

  • viciousdave says:

    They treated you very wrongly and did not even respect that you a human and you need your sleep. It just is not possible to be awake for over 24 hours and still do something so physical as to keep moving objects up and down. Don't they understand that? As soon as I find another job, I am putting in my 2 weeks notice as well. I don't want to work fast food though as I have before and I hate working with food and has developed OCD within me. Target is however annoying as shit, and after working there 5 years myself, I have developed a strong social anxiety disorder and I find it extremely hard to look anyone in the face as I just hate having people around me as I've always been a lone type of person. They treated you like shit and you deserve every right to tell them to go fuck themselves.

  • FuckT says:

    I have also developed a social anxiety problem from working with this god awful company. I actually hate being around people..when I shop I don't even want to look at people..I'm forced to have a big stupid smile on my face every day and say hello to a bunch of douchebags who cant bring themselves to say it back. I despise the public!


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