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December 20, 2015 - rayvell02


I left Tarshit quick as hell. I saw how people were walking off the job but I felt like I could hold on up until one day. In our huddle the LOD insisted that we worked harder. I’m thinking wtf? For $9 a hour you want us to break our necks? FOH. Let me start by saying that these so called stupivisors are pure fn dumb, they stress over nothing and their people skills are shitty as hell. These mf walk around like they own these stores. The lead LOD at the Tarshit I worked at was so synthetic and her cockeyed buck tooth ass treated folks like shit. She sent emails on her day off talking about folks. Yes when they turned to 3 on the Walkie o I would listen to see what was being said. There were so many stupivisors it was pathetic. I’m thinking like really you need this many chiefs in this punk a$$ store? Working in HL I found it that SL hid by the changing room doing nothing while we were hounded down to get pulls and Casheir and suck up to customers for a red card, which they need to get their bonus by the way. Well they pushed me to my limit, worked me to the end and I took my break and walked out. It was like a movie scene, rain was coming down but I could care less because I was free. Then when I got home the HR dept. called me ummmmm nope I didn’t pick up because I was done with them for life. This company is horrible well the people they choose to lead in it. A bunch of uneducated stuck in their ways unethical incompetent ineffective ¬†assholes who loves Tarshit. The way they sometimes treat employees is horrible. I can honestly say “never again” I will never fkn work in a retail position under some sociopathic mf ever….


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