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February 25, 2013 - Free At Last

Free At Last.

I was going to write a novel about this place —- Target.  I could have written about how they screwed me in my senior year in college or how they screwed me for a promotion these past couple of months.  There’s probably no need to explain anything because most of the people on here have experiences the same thing over and over.  It is the Target culture.

If you don’t fit a certain style or persona that they want, you are going to be screwed out of a promotion.  They (management) form a clique and they essentially vote on who they would like to promote.  That individual can suck like ass but if he or she is kissing ass then they will get that promotion.  I was the best PA in my store and I opened almost 90% of the time because I was good at it and my work rate was far above others.  I could tell you that I was employee of the month for all 3.5 years that I was there but it means nothing because the fellow who kissed ass was promoted.  My CTL and him gel like peanut butter and jelly but yet I am blamed for everything going wrong even though they did the least amount of work.

So for the past three to four months, I’ve been secretly sending out my resume to various companies trying to land a new job.  I am grateful that last December a recruiter from a local chain contacted me to become a manager in training for their store.  Target used me for their work and I used them to gain experience.  I didn’t even hesitate in accepting the job offer as I would be making way more and my work load is 50 percent lighter at this new place.  The smile on my face is so big because the PA who was just promoted to TL has to do all of the work that I did because they didn’t anticipate that I was leaving.  Plus, my CTL who was treating me unfairly has to look at the downfall of that department on her shoulders.  No longer will they be able to take credit for my hard work that I’ve put into that department.

It’s funny though when I was putting in my two weeks notice that they try to make a counter offer and said they would make me a TL or move me to a store that will.  For a while, I was stuck at where I was because I accepted the facts that they were better than me.  No longer will I accept that notion because I am just as talented as them and so are everyone of you.  They brain wash you into thinking that they are better than you when they are not.  For those who are still stuck, you have to keep on trying to find a way out because they don’t care about you.  You are just a number to them.




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  • GladToBeGone says:

    I was in the same boat. Had a college degree in computer/media graphics and worked for Target for 9years. And covered their asses so many times when I had to take over TL duties.

    I tried to voice my concerns about not being interviewed for several positions; neither were any of my fellow TMs. And basically they said they didn't care and knew I was too good for Target.


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