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February 23, 2014 - jay20

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I posted in this forum not too long ago, but after 4 years of working at corporate misery, I finally put in my 2 week notice. The way Target treats their employees is unreal. I got scheduled at the oddest hours. I might be 3-10pm one night and then scheduled to work 4am the next morning, since it’s not at least 8 hrs in between. I would either get off at 8pm or start the next day at 6am. I always got coached over something petty. Everytime my leader came around I would get annoyed, but still nervous because I knew she was going to say I did something wrong. I’ve worked every position in the store except AP, Starbucks, and SFT. After 4 years I now only make 9.44 an hr in California. They talked down on me, Gave me unrealistic expectations and was never given recognition for actually finishing those tasks 100%. Instead I get a lecture on something else that wasn’t done their way.


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  • snowboardir says:

    The expectations were insane, they wanted 5+ red cards a day, they wanted you to zone an entire aisle in 5 minutes. It's insane to do that and help guests at the same time.


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