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January 1, 2011 - Former 1292

Former 1292

I worked for this nazi company for 4 years. And I mean WORKED. My wife and I worked on the flow/backroom fiasco. Basically, Ive gotten really informed on Target since  I left. I learned for instance, that target is actually in bed with the NSA!!(Thats right, look it up, they are the largest forensics lab in America first, retailers second). So this might be why they run their flow dept like a third world experiment in behavioral psychology, where everyone gets SO MUCH SHIT that they become compartmentalized slaves just trying to get through the day without some unwarranted BITCHING OUT. At my former camp, this led to people working so fast and furiously that safety, nutrition, and even basic civility went out the window. Our flow team was immediately expunged of anyone with personality or dignity so that only the slaves of semi iq status remained.(As for myself, I learned to keep my soul low after the proverbial “do you want to work at target?” schooling/interrogation.) Our teamlead eventually beat the heart out of everyone so badly that in the morning “breaks”, she would say, “ok guys, whats my motto?” to which the whole group would mindlessly groan “shit roles down hill”. All target teamleads are actually encouraged to make a handful of pets their enforcers. Thats right!! Its basically an unwritten policy in the company to form a small circle of favs around you and to give them the power to narc out everyone else for any small thing. This is so the store can keep dirt on you for years if they have to and fire u whenever they want! Hell, our etl had two trolls who texted him constantly while at work to report on everyone else and sometimes just to tell him which girls they fucked, so he could hit on them when his wife was out of town. Oh, and by the way, if you arent on someones fav list, there IS a term for you in the company lexicon: blocker. “Blockers” are the tms who need to be let go of eventually so that new YOUNG girls can make payroll on the salesfloor. (I am not making any of this shit up. Research it yourselves.) So if you experience people randomly popping around corners and jumping your ass for no reason, even though it should be apparent u did nothing wrong, then you arent paranoid, they really do want to can you. My last year at the slave pit, our etl had the nerve to tell every person on the backroom team that NONE of us deserved a raise. Then he gave the whole damn lot of the cash increase to two people. One was the backroom narc, the other was his best buddy, a backroom employee(since moved to teamlead) who had become a national hero around the store for how many engaged or dating girls he took to bed. (Its worth noting here that this person was promised by his “daddy” a lifelong career at target only a couple of months after he started. And in the years since, he has been promoted and moved into a teamlead position wherever his etl benefactor has transferred to in the company. In other words, they LIE to you about how people are “selected” for positions in the store. Its tits and ass or personal favs. Nothing else.) Finally, I was let go of by the company for a bad comment I made about the backroom narc after I started getting bitched at for things I had no fucking clue about. Finally I realized it was him blaming and reporting on me for all this stuff. Meanwhile, one of our flow teamleads favs held a guy up to the steal and threatend to cut his throat for refusing to work his day off when asked, and all he got was a lecture in the hrs office. Fucking wow. You all deserve something worse than hell..



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