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November 20, 2015 - bignickdigger187

Flow Team probs

So I work at store 1945, and I’ve been on flow team for a little over a year. Truck days are 6am until 4th quarter, which is pushed a couple of hours earlier to 4am.

I’m always in the departments that require the heaviest lifting, (pets, plastics/furniture.) Yet I get the smallest amount of appreciation. If I’m in a group talking with my coworkers while working, I am always the only one he has told to be quiet. He has practically yelled at me, cussed at me, even told me one time that he could pick up anyone off of the streets to replace me. (Granted it is true, but that’s not something a professional boss is supposed to say to his employees.)

I’m also stuck with taking care of everyone’s trash after they’re done with it, and every day I’m there I just want to shoot myself.

I used to like doing trash because I started doing it before the national raise and I would always get 7-8 hour shifts, which is apparently a goldmine at this Tarshit. But ever since then, I’ve been getting cut on my hours, but only with a particular team lead, the one that hates my guts. He likes to send me to the backroom to start on trash basically 30 minutes after the truck is done being unloaded first thing in the morning, rather than after when the rest of the team is sent home. I practically went from 30-35 hours per week to only about 20-25…..during fourth quarter. Black friday is right around the corner and he is cutting my hours to less than 30.

I am in the process of leaving because I’m sure there are plenty of other team members he could push around and shaft their wallets.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Same at my job. Havn't had team meetings for 5 years as my store team just doesn't do it anymore for some reason. But when we did them I asked a question about concerns that we were aspose to ask about and resolve, I asked we need someone to do more stock shelf checking as thousands guests say price is wrong, price is wrong, when it is right, there just not looking for the real price and basing it on the shelf price where the item is in the very wrong place. Leader says that's not a concern whatever just shut up, next question anybody. It's like what? So I have a real concern about the company and making it easier for guests to get through faster so others don't have to wait forever because someone is going wrong price wrong price at my face. Fuck Target, the leaders treat the questionable people the worst as if we are stupid when in fact they are stupid because they will not treat the subject at all as if they can't do anything about it, yet they can.


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