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August 18, 2016 - Miss C

Flow team nightmare

Hmmm where do I begin, First off let me say im so glad I left that shithole! This place is a joke! I got hired in March for our Flow team, seems normal….well first couple months went well and it seemed to be going just fine, or so I thought.  I went to them in May asking for more hours and they had no problem with that, and they were willing to train me in the backroom and also for cashier which was cool. Well I was told that in July our hours would go back up for our Back to School season, and that we would be at 40 hours a week (mind you i found out full time wasn’t going to be available until October! ) For a couple months I was trained in the back room off and on and never trained once for cashier.  In June, I trained a new employee who had joined our team and things were still going smoothly,  fast forward about 2-3 weeks and I started noticing changes around our store. First, we had this girl that we would spazz about anything and she was bossing people around and was in no position to do so, so after numerous complaints about her, our LOD and our Manager talked to her about it and it calmed down,  then a couple of weeks later, I was hearing that the girl I TRAINED was supposed to get to be a trainer…….REALLY! ?!? This was the first thing that set me off, secondly, this girl started her bossy shit and it got to a point where I snapped and I GOT BLAMED for my supposed attitude with her, I had spoke with my manager and everyone kept pushing it off, and no one did a damned thing about it!  Why, you ask……simple she kissed their asses! Little miss perfect if you will…..So for the next week, I had the attitude problem because I opened my mouth……smh w/e. Moral of the story, unless you kiss ass, be their puppet and all around want to get lied to and promises made that aren’t gonna happen, by all means work for this shitty company!


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  • viciousdave says:

    Same thing here. The ones who act like managers and enforce the rules of the store like ultimate hell onto us get to be team leaders an GSAs of other areas. While us don't get anything but keep working hard and no opportunity to be higher level. It's all crap. Where's the old way I hear from older people, you start from the bottom and work you way up? It's not longer here.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    So they got a new favorite and it makes you angry? I honestly did not seen one actual point besides the fact you're not longer the favorite. What else do they do that is just unethical and makes it a terrible place to work? I worked flow for 6-months so I can be fairly accurate about what happens. Random trucks on non-truck days, that they give you less than 24 hours notice for, but still expect you to show up. Oh 2 people no called now showed today, we have 4 others on vacation for some odd reason when they're on vacation every other month, but you're going to blame the people at work for not getting it done fast enough? People keep quieting left and right, yet no one is hired to replace them! To top it off they transfer one of our best workers out of the department and fail to replace him as well. Our team lead had no idea it was happening until the day it happened. Everyone refuses to unload the truck, expect for you yet nothing is done about it. You're the only person there every single day on time for 6 months straight, but it's still not enough.Old lazy man Randy at the end of the line just huffs and puffs about stuff being done incorrectly, while he gabs away the entire time doing basically nothing, but slowing us down. People justify his behavior because he is almost retired............Agree to a 12am start time because of back to school told the truck will be there for us to unload, then once that's done we will do other stuff for filling back to school. Get there at 12am and the truck is not there. Turns out no one notified them of the schedule change and it will arrive at it's normal time of 4am. So instead of sending us home to come back in at our normal time, we stay and do other peoples jobs while we wait. Being expected to stay late almost every single day but in order to do so I need to take a 30 minute lunch first to work 30 more minutes..... To top it off you know for a fact the reason you're staying late is because of lazy people and lack of staffing, nope I'm either going to continue to work or go home! My new job now doesn't make me take a 30 minute lunch, want to know why BECAUSE THERE IS NO LAWS requiring me to do so! Anyone saying other wise is uninformed and should google the topic. Anyways what exactly is your issue? Like I said all I see is you crying about is no longer being the favorite...............

    • Miss C says:

      Ok so first of all, I was never a favorite and was not upset about that, secondly my point was the lies and bullshit. Believe what you want, but apparently you read way more into it then need be!


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