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April 22, 2015 - mysteryperson

First Year Anniversay

Not long ago passed my first year working for Target so it only seems fitting to give “yearly review” for the company I work for. Hopefully if I write it out here, I won’t fucking complain in store where I know I’m pressing my luck as it is.

RED CARDS – We all know the gripe and groan. I’ve read in here before the same thing so I won’t linger long on the topic: they either have them or they’ve been asked so many fucking times they will cut you off the moment you ask any question. Good god, I even try to promote Cartwheel and I’m cut off before I can even explain it’s free with a fucking email. The fact we’re bullied into doing this doesn’t help. We HAVE to ask: if we do we’re given shit from guests, if we don’t we’re given shit from team leads.

CARTWHEEL – I promote this thing like shit and try to help people save more money, especially since they are free coupons. I’ve offered numerous people knowledge about it and once a day I get, “Well why can’t you just give it to me?” Because you don’t fucking have it. I told you how to get it, do it yourself. We’re all adults, or that’s what I assume. But I always cave and use my Cartwheel because at least bi-monthly, the people are so damn privileged they’ll call TLs to complain I told them about an “exclusive” coupon they’re not privy to have (as they hold their iPhones in their hands). Are you fucking kidding me? I’m trying to help you.

VIBE – I can’t tell you how much it pisses me off to read about team members “harassing” guests on this site. We are judged by guest ratings of our performance. Our store is judged by guest ratings of our performance. So we have to ask if you’re finding what you need, we have to talk even if we don’t want to bother you. We have jobs to do, things the LODs are down our throats to get done and asking every person if they need help takes time out of that. We don’t want to do it but we have to because if you walk out of the store saying there was no one around, that’s worse than you saying we’re harassing you. We have to WALK the guest to the merchandise like fucking babysitters because if you don’t find what you need, we hear more about that because Target guests are spoiled. Sometimes they can’t see the item they’re looking for right in front of their face without a team member saying, “Here it is!” I’m tired of holding your hand the moment you walk in and then kissing your ass as you walk out. If you don’t want the help, POLITELY refuse it. Spare me your complaints.

WEEKLY AD – Then comes the weekly complaint of, “What do you mean you’re out of stock?” It’s a simple concept really where we don’t control what’s in our shipments. Unless it’s an exclusive item with a release date, we receive what we need at random times and if it’s an item in the ad the guest wanted and it didn’t come, WE ARE OUT OF STOCK. We do not control what’s featured in our ads. We don’t purposely put items in the ads knowing we are out. Yelling at us isn’t going to make the item magically appear. We did nothing wrong, but it’s a constant battle of “the ad only came out yesterday” when our shelf has been empty for the past two weeks.

ONLINE vs IN STORE STOCK – Also very simple: online stock is not always accurate and online items are not always sold in stores. The stock numbers can be off whether it’s from being logged wrong, someone stole it, it was shipped with the wrong DPCI… there are plenty of reasons why it will say we have it in store but before you come to our store for only that item, just call. You may say it’s more effort but it’s easier on everyone to call and see if we have rather than hearing you complain in store. And please, be polite.

PHONE SYSTEM – This is a store specific thing but for fuck’s sake, can we please spare the money to get a better one? If the operator’s busy and you call, it will automatically hang up on you. There have been mornings where I tried to call in late but I was disconnected because the person managing the phone decided to help the guest rather than transferring it to the sales floor. By time they pick up, I’m at the store. Guest complaints are through the roof about this. You think it’s something that we should fix?

FLOW TEAM – I immediately apologize for any flow member reading this. I know not every store is the same and I know plenty of you get shit for your job. This is for my store only, where the flow team members don’t help guests. They pawn them off to other people. They constantly over push everything to the point of putting products in the wrong location. I’m not talking about it’s a small mistake, I’m talking about finding squeegees where dog nail clippers go. I’m talking about finding unopened boxes hidden behind cleaning supplies or so many strollers shoved onto the shelf you need two flats for the back stock. Forget if you’re doing super-zone in an area they’re pushing because once they’re done, you’re re-doing your isles because there’s so many things out of place and over pushed that will be the rest of your morning. No one listens to this, I’ve had the flow team lead laugh in my face when I brought it up. “They’re tired and it’s still morning.” Yeah, they’re tired of her condescendingly micromanage everything they do and then they just don’t care, making our job harder. Great.

LODs – All of my LODs believe work is for the workers and not them. I’ve been yelled at for lingering around the electronics boat while they’re walking around the store. Just walking. They rarely do pulls, barely zone, re-shop is at their convenience. But heaven forbid if a product didn’t cover the diamonds right because then you receive a lecture of how to zone correctly even though they don’t do it themselves. If they help a guest 90% of the time they’re asking you where the product is because they don’t know themselves and pawn the guest to you, 5% they’ll directly pawn the guest to you, 5% they’ll actually do what they preach. (After you’re done helping the guest they gave you, they wonder why the zone is taking so long.) I don’t know what LODs do, what is in their job description. Nobody in my store knows, I’ve asked. Does anyone know?

Good god, I could go on forever. Maybe I’ll log in for quarterly reviews. Fuck this.


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