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September 23, 2015 - targetkicker2015


Pop the champagne and let the fun begin…   the first Target Union has been formed by a pharmacy team in a Brooklyn location. Very interesting because of the transfer of pharmacies to CVS plus the ramifications this may have in others following suit which many should.

First consider how Target leverages the law too suit its needs ahead of all others including their employees, vendors, service providers, landlords, municipalities etc. Did you know that in Canada they successfully sought creditor protection to get out of literally billions of $$ in debt despite the countless billions Target possesses. Hundreds of companies have had to tighten finances, lay off employees or even close as a result of Target walking away from their obligated debts. Many thousands of employees (oops…  Team Members..) received zero severance and only notice of the impending closing. Some (few) management received minimal packages.

If Target is willing to do this and just walk away not caring about all those negatively affected there is nothing they won’t do when it comes to screwing you over if they can protect themselves first. It is in these cases that Unions can be and should be justified.

Consider a union in your store in your and your teams best interest.

Congratulations Target Brooklyn Pharmacy Team for being the first of many Unions to finally infiltrate Target!!




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  • Silverfox says:

    The funny thing is if you check their creditor list, target actually is stocking shit in their stores from a supplier they owe money to. I did a little digging. ach foods is actually owned by the weston family who owns weston bakeries who they also owe money to and loblaws which was their Canadian competitor. And who have opened Joe fresh stand alone stores in new york. Smack dab in an area that favors target instead of walmart. I don't know but I wonder what would happen if target continues trying not to pay their bills. 😉 Maybe their suppliers would stop giving them stuff to sell since they can't obviously pay. And we all know what happens to target if their shelves are empty. So chances are target probably cherry picked who they paid. Those big enough to hurt their bottom line, they paid off. Those not big enough, too bad so sad in target's eyes. Some got paid, some didn't.

  • Tired2 says:

    Target needs to dry up and go away. Ive seen lots of ads from a law group wanting to help walmart employees but no one wants to help target thats a shame

  • Tired2 says:

    *targets employees


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