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October 4, 2015 - Sniper

First Post, will not be the LAST! (Redcards)

Whats up fellow employees. I currently work at a Target store as a cashier, I’m in high school  and I learned pretty quickly that Target’s lifestyle and the stuff they do behind closed doors are evil and practically run by a bunch of monkeys with nothing better to do. Lets start off with when I got first hired. I was hired as a seasonal cashier of last year in October, Honestly, I was really happy with getting this job, thinking that, “I get to work at a store that been around when I was a kid and always will be treated with respect.” Quite frankly, I enjoyed my first couple of months working there, my hiring manager was pretty chill, (no longer works there). A few managers there are actually pretty decent toward me and everyone else. I thought, this is going to be a great job. I didn’t necessary needed a job, but I got one because it was to look good on my resume and actually give me good career options in the future. BUT. Probably around 6 plus months after working, I learned things about Target, that is very disturbing.

REDCARDS. Boy do I hate them with a passion, I really do. Getting redcards is very slave like and the worst thing ever, I never ask. But, I hate to say it, when i do ask, I target people that have checks and that are older to get the redcards to “live another day”. That’s what I think of the redcards. Get one, get a pat on the back, live an extra day. My store is in a small town, so getting a  lot of redcards are is not a priority since everyone there either has one or doesn’t want. Someone told me that the lods, etls, gsas, gstls get bonuses every time we get a redcards, found out like 3-4 months ago. Man i was so mad that I dread going to work hoping that they wont coach me for not getting redcards. They come up at me saying, ” why didnt you ask him for a redcard?’ Or “Make sure you ask every guest for a redcard.” I had this one lod (she’s gone now) watch the front lanes, every time, she would tell us to ask every fucking guest like a broken record. Get a redcard, get a redcard, get a redcard. It gets me pissed off that I feel like that is my whole job criteria, like nothing else matters but those damn redcards. I feel like my job doesnt appreciate me with how fast I’am with ringing up or how many guest compliments. (note: i have been told that im the fastest, have the most transactions then any cashier there, I once had over a 1100 transactions a week, NO LIE!) I believe that my morale dropped hard since the last couple months. Thankfully, I have a chance to get cross trained to hardlines instead of cashier this year, so I’m very happy that I wont have to deal with the constant pressure of the lods on my back for redcards. Being in high school, knowing that i have to go to work right after drains me mentally and physically, but I KEEP this job so I can have money for the future. (lol minimum wage).

This is my first post ever. I will post more as time flies and more of my stories of hell at target awaits!

Target sucks!


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  • viciousdave says:

    It's a store, stores are about getting people through lines fast so the ones behind don't get mad and be like why didn't you have more guys out here it was so slow! See target, I know people, and people want to get out fast after getting the stuff they want, they don't want the annoyance of oh another credit card ad, oh great just what I need more debt. Nobody wants the red card where I live, and the one's who do just pay off the card right after they pay with it so they don't get caught with interest. But most people just let there credit fill up to the maximum. Target, you can't think, the whole company on there redcard save 5%, get the cart wheel app save 3 bucks, oh on the cartwheel also save $5 or get $25 dollars off your stuff if you get over $150 worth of stuff. It's like Target is exactly saying alright let's loose money by giving away a whole bunch of $5 dollar gift cards, $25 off, even 5% off and even 10% off for employees so you save $50 bucks off your purchase, yay! WTF? WTF? Target is going to go bankrupt in 10 to 20 years because of this mega mega saving stuff they have for people.

    • Sniper says:

      Whenever i get someone to sign up, more people come in my lane, so, i turn off my lane light. But the gsa is like, "leave it on, its busy." I see people leave my lane all mad and shit like its my fault the lane is taking up space. Guests are so dumb like, they see an employee at a lane, they expect im ready to go. I dont care about the dumb "guests" because i get my redcards to ease off the gsa's.


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