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December 27, 2013 - lor

First job,target was a horrible choice.

Ugh I don’t even know where to start.

i was so excited to have gotten my first (actual job) and also excited it wasn’t at mc Donald’s Or something like that. Anyway. I go in for my interview that they called me in for the day before,and no one knew where to send me to or even why I was there. After I had told them at least 3 times i had an interview at the that target and I wasn’t mistaken. After at least 20 minutes of just standing by guest services looking like a random lost girl,someone finally came upto me and brought me upstairs for the interview.(and the store actually was not busy at all,why did it take so damn long?) but after them picking me over they decided to offer me the job and give me $8.00 an hour. So I went in the next day and after they figured out who I was and why I was there again after a half an hour they had sat me I front of that annoying long video about hating unions and being fast fun and friendly or some stupid shit like that.Then I found out I was a cart pusher, I signed up for any position possible to make my chances of getting a job higher. And I thought, it couldn’t be that hard…right? They told me to come in the next day for some kind of computer training, that never happened. They sent me straight out to work without me having any idea of what I was supposed to be doing except for the obvious. it also had down that after or before (idk) the computer training I was supposed to have a trainer that was going to show me the ropes on the whole hard to do job of being a cart attendant. I seen that he was in the store and he asked me if I was the new cart attendant, I said yes and he walked away..Leaving me to question what to do all day.


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  • TargetGrunt says:

    Yeah, Target's never been very good when it comes to training. They claim that your trainer will walk you through everything and then you'll take some tests, but at my store that NEVER happens. You learn everything the hard way, often by getting yelled at by the supervisors/peers who were supposed to train you in the first place.

    And unions are only bad because they actually give their workers rights. Target won't have any of that though, how else would they get away with their sub-par treatment of employees?

  • pinkzinnia says:

    I train and I walk everyone though every step. I make sure all the paperwork is completed and all reading and computer training is done before any new employee even talks to a guest.. I explain how at times it's very high paced and you have to hustle your buns off.. i Tell people they won't get acknowledged for the things they do right, but you will get told when you are doing things wrong.

    I would rather get that crap out of the way and let people know what they are up against before they get to far into the job. If they want to quit, it's better if they do it in the first few days.

    As far as unions, do you know any of the big box stores that are unionized? I don't..

    As I have said before - retail is not the place to make a living.. It's a job for existence.

    • Silverfox says:

      I do! Safeway is unionized. Loblaws parent company of Joe fresh stand alone stores in new york is unionized. Pricesmart foods/save-on foods/overwaitea foods is unionized. And don't forget Costco! The unionized chains up here are kicking target's booty.

  • The_truth09 says:

    I will agree with you, Target training SUCKS. I had to learn photo lab by myself by trial and error because my GSTL didn't know I was being trained
    ( REALLY)


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