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September 27, 2015 - taylor_justy

Fired: Need Answers

gonna try to keep this brief but I was fired last week for keeping a $5 gift card that a guest left at my check stand. I truthfully didn’t think this would be a firable offense because a: a coworker had done the same thing and got off with a warning and b: the guest got the gift card for buying a cumulation of items so in my mind, it wasn’t costing our store money. I took home the gift card over three weeks ago so I was pretty surprised when HR asked to speak to me weeks after. I confessed to taking the gift card home and apologized, they had me sign a form detailed what I had done and before I signed I asked them if signing this form would directly cause me to lose my job. They said it wasn’t up to them, no need to tell me I’m an idiot for not halting things right there because I was smelling major bullshit. Moments later they brought in a different person from HR who told me what I had done was grounds for “automatic term” and I was paid out for my last check and vacation pay. The last thing I asked was, “so I’m being fired over $5.” To which she rudely responded, “the amount doesn’t matter, it’s an AP issue.” I left after that, I didn’t tell my mom that I lost my job until today because the woman terrifies me and instead of telling her I was fired, I said I was “laid off for not getting an adequate number of red cards”. My mom doesn’t believe me and has threatened to call the store tomorrow and ask what “the truth” is. My question is: does anyone out there know, with any amount of certainty, what they’re allowed to tell her?? Please get back to me, I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack and she’s threatened to kick me out if I’m lying. I know this is my fault but I can’t help but assume that target had personal reasons in addition to the gift card situation for firing me because I know I performed better than many of my former coworkers





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  • TargetSucks says:

    This is probably the one time they were correct. The amount doesn't matter. You essentially stole money from the register. You should have given the gift card to the manager. You should have never admitted or signed anything. As far as your mom goes, they shouldn't say any specifics. BUT, it being your mom, they might. And they might just tell her what happened to be vindictive. Don't feel bad though. You got out of Tarshit, so that's a bonus.

  • Bombcar says:

    I knew a cart attendant who was fired for a similar reason. Put a gift card in his front shirt pocket that someone had left behind at on of the upstairs registers (my now former store is on two levels) to take to guest service. ETL-AP saw this and had him fired same day, didn't even ask him just saw him do it when he finished backing up.

    The GSTL was sorry, told him so, but heads must roll. So yes, they will fire you for five dollars. I worked GS while supposedly being a photo tech (thanks for eliminating my position) and people claiming they weren't given the promo gift cards was taken very seriously. We would call AP and the GSTL, in that order, to see if we could find out what happened. Or would get told to just do a five dollar store coupon to make the customer happy.

    Provided you're not a minor I don't think there is anything they would tell your mother. Again depends on the location but I remember my first ETL-HR (went through four of them) saying you were working and that the only reason they wanted to here from someone else about you is if you were physically unable to contact them.

    I agree with TargetSucks: they are correct and they shouldn't say anything but could to be vindictive.

  • mlcglorifiedbabysitter says:

    It is against target policy to discuss you or your job with anyone but you so you will be ok. If anything when she calls they will probably direct her to the employment varification number. Sorry you made a bad choice and lost your job. Lesson learned I hope...

  • Tired2 says:

    The target verification thing....does anyone know if its an actual person people speak to or a machine?

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    The amount does not matter, you're a thief. If you take something that is not yours IT'S CALLED STEALING! You deserved to be fired and you should tell your mom the truth and face it like a man.

  • viciousdave says:

    I'll tell you the truth of a similar manner I was in some years ago. I went to a job corps site were they give you a place to sleep and eat and get a degree in whatever area you want of 4 different jobs you would like. I quit after 4 months, my mom yelled at me in car a lot and said what the hell are you gonna do know damn it, how are you gonna move out now!!!!? I screamed too of course saying not everyone can be a college graduate of any kind and I got my cancer what do you think I am, I'm usually just getting worse health anyway so I'll probably always need your help anyway! Later on day s we understood and we both lost jobs and had to live together still as we already were. The thing of this is that if you're mom starts yelling at you about get your a hole out of here, either yell back or be brave and tell her the whole truth. If she thinks oh no you're gonna go to hell boy!!!! Than just tell her where's my mother? She lost it. Overall tell her the truth first.

  • Silverfox says:

    you stole, you got fired. tough up and man up. You're lucky target isn't pressing charges and they just got rid of you. Go look for another job if you can. Target will just probably tell your next prospective employer not to hire you because you stole money. Giftcards are as good as cash in target so therefore you stole money and are not to be trusted. Be a man and tell your mom you got fired for stealing money from the register. You did it, so you should be able to endure the consequences even being yelled at by your mom. Looks like your mom doesn't trust you either and thinks it was something worse.

  • LalienX says:

    Target can't tell your mom or any other employer anything about how you got terminated. They can only say that you worked there from X - Y time. I asked this when I got fired for not getting enough red cards 3 years ago. One of the best days of my life.

    They were completely in the right, by the way. There was absolutely no bullshit on their part.

  • katieotter says:

    Yeaaaaahhhh you stole. And you're not supposed to do that haha. I used to work AP and several people got fired for that gift card stuff. That in my opinion would be a common sense "I shouldn't do this" thing.

  • simeafoster says:

    Answer to 'What they can tell your mom' - Nothing. HR laws do not allow a company to speak about an employee to anyone without the employee's express permission. If you are buying a house or doing something else that requires employment verification, you will be asked to sign something giving permission to your company. Same for any other person. Just because your mom asks the company, does not mean anything. It is considered a privacy issue. Also, a profession organization will only stick to the facts, once they get permission to speak to someone about you. Name, date of employment, position held, etc. Opinions about a former employee are not facts.
    As for the gift card - What you did is considered stealing. That's that. The amount does not matter. Learn from this and move on.

  • Bobbybitch says:

    The amount has no significance in wether or not your going to remain with the company. It simply comes down to do they like you or not. Are you an ass kisser? Are you a snitch who is willing to climb the ladder by any means necessary? It is very unfortunate that life just isn't fair and quite frankly if you settle to work for such a modern day slavery corporation like target then it's no ones fault but your own and that's what I've come to realize. I personally know of a very similar situation which occurred over at 202* where a stinky and extremely lazy hippo was placed on what they call a final ( 1 year probation period ) and after this individual successfully completed the probation period, keep in mind this individual called out on multiple occasions during the final, was somehow promoted to team leader!! I'm flabbergasted and speechless that this happened but what the fuck can you do? Call corporate maybe see how that turns out......


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