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November 7, 2013 - UncleDrew2

Fired for being injured…

So a week ago i was playing basketball at my local gym. I injured myself on this one play and my heel hurt. I went to the doctor and found out i had inflamed the bottom of my achilles tendon. I got a note from my doctor for work, and i thought i was exempt, and had all the time i needed to recover. I went in to target and gave my note to my hr team lead. I had already spoken to my supervising tl, and i thought all was well.

a week later i felt well enough to come back to work and i had recovered. I walk into target and go up to the hr team member and say that i can come back and work now. She says to talk to our Stl who does nothing but stay in her office all day and paint her nails or some shit like that. She says that i had 3 no-call no-shows over that period which i was injured and had a note for it. She then goes on to tell me that i am terminated.

At this point i want to go off, but that wont help anything. I ask why, and say that i had a note for my injury, and she says that i didnt give it to an LOD. WHAT THE FUCK. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THIS. At least the woman in hr could have told me what to do, and now i am getting terminated for doing nothing wrong, on account of the company’s negligence.

being a high school student, i could give less of a shit about if i got fired, but i was angry because like many of the other people on this site, i am hardworking and do one of the best jobs of the people in my store. I didnt give a hoot about redcards or “vibing” (dumb as shit) but i did work hard as a hardline team member. Its sad that this happened, but i find it stupid that others have to suffer because the team leads at the store are all idiots, except for the assets protection team lead who was really chill and genuine. Never will i go to the overpriced, egotistical venue of target ever again.


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  • ohiogal911 says:

    they were looking for any excuse to let you go...and you gave it to sucks

  • saturnfreaker says:

    This is pretty fucked, man. I feel your pain. I just got fired this morning for ONE no-call no-show, and it was purely accidental. I was also a really good employee. I submitted a post about it that is being reviewed by the admins.


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