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June 30, 2015 - mira1231

Finally fed up

I have been at Target for a year now. I was hired on for the flow team. At first, I didn’t mind it one bit. I actually enjoyed coming in everyday for a while. I always worked the floor with everyone until one day about a month in, the team lead decided she wanted to train me for the¬†softlines unload. At first I was like, okay this won’t be so bad. Boy was I ever wrong. Right away I had issues with two of the ladies that worked softlines. They were always disagreeing with each other, starting fights and trying to pull me into it. What made it worse is that right about this time was when we started to get the back-to-school clothes in, and the trucks were 1200+, which is pretty big for our small store.

Another month passes with me just being annoyed with work when the same team lead decides to train me in yet another area, this time for instocks. I actually enjoyed this for the longest time. The people I worked with were wonderful and made it seem so easy and painless. The days I was scheduled for it I actually started looking forward to going in.

At least until I wasn’t get nearly enough hours. I was getting maybe 24 hours a week at $8/hr. At the time, I had rent and student loans to pay which took 90% of my check. So I did what anyone would do and looked for a second job. I found one, a much better one. There was a new restaurant opening near my house. I would have been Assistant Manager making $8/hr with a .25 raise after each training that I passed. I was delighted. The only problem: I was scheduled to work at target the day of orientation. So I went in the day before to talk to HR (she was the acting store manager at the time), and I explained to her what was going on. Well, she was beyond pissed. Said that she was upset I didn’t come to her first and that they would give me more hours blah blah blah. She also refused to give me the next day off so that I could go to the orientation. So, I ended up turning it down (which I have regretted ever since).

I did get more hours after that. For about a month. Then it was the Christmas season, which was the absolute worse. We lost so many people that I would be at work for 8+ hours, and that was mostly unloading the truck. What made the season even worse than it already was, was that four days out of the week, I would have to get up at 5am, just to be at work by 6am. Three of the days were for the truck, the other day was on Sunday for the ad. I thought the truck was bad, but when they scheduled me for the ad for 3 months straight, I got frustrated. I told them several times that I couldn’t come in that early yet they kept doing it.

And then, about two months ago, I finally decided to go back to school. My team lead and several others have not been too happy about that either. I put in an availability change and¬†it got accepted and I was all good for school. For three weeks, everything seemed fine. Then out of blue, things became a total fuck up. First, my availability suddenly changes. I’m suddenly suppose to work Thursdays during time when I have class. I told HR and she “fixed” it. However, when I go look at my availability in the computer, it still shows I can work all day, when it was never that way before. Plus, they took away a day I got approved for vacation, scheduling me to work. I ended up giving that shift away. I’ve also requested to have Saturdays off. I’ve yet to see a Saturday off in two months. They’ve also gone back to scheduling me for the ad when I’ve told them I can’t come in. What’s even more fucked up is that half my shifts are for cashiering, and they require us to ask for them otherwise we get wrote up. I refuse to ask anyone for a redcard because 90% of the people ALREADY HAVE A FUCKING REDCARD!! You can’t keep getting them if people already have it.

What really set me over the edge was yesterday. I was scheduled for the ad and instocks. Everything was fine until the LOD called me to receiving. Apparently I had been using the wrong program on the myDevice. Since it’s been months since I was in instocks, I didn’t know. Yet she sat there and proceeded to call me out, belittling me and making it like it was all my fault. What made it worse is that there were two co-workers nearby and they sat there laughing at me and she didn’t say a word to them!


I’ve absolutely had it at this point with Target. They won’t give me the hours I need to pay my bills. They ridicule me and threaten to write me up all the time. I can barely work past four hours because I start having problems with my feet, knees, and back hurting me. I’ve never had any health issues until I started working here. My allergies won’t go away either. This place has become an absolute nightmare for me and I want to leave. I really do but my finances prevent me from leaving this hellhole.


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  • fucktarget247 says:

    If the opportunity comes again get the hell out of there!!!! That place is not worth your time and it is definitely not worth your health.

  • viciousdave says:

    Next time you get a job interview for a job you applied at, tell your job that it's an abiding law that your current job must allow you to time for the interview at any other job. I've read it before.


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