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January 13, 2015 - TargetGuestsSuck

Final Days of Tarshit

Let me just start by saying if you read my earlier posts on this site, I really didn’t hate any higher ups. In fact, I looked up to them and one day wanted to be them. When I first read this site,  I couldn’t imagine how any managers or workers could be so awful to all of you. And I’m so sorry for doubting you guys. Today I think is the day I’m job hunting. It’s been a long seven months and I’ve watched my brand new target go from something I was so proud to be a part of to something only nightmares could conjur up. Over the past few months, my STL has become a prick. Honestly, I feel like everyone higher up actually. But the funny thing is, they’re only pricks to MY team. I don’t get why instocks has to be the bitch of the store and take on the workload of so many teams, but we do. And of course they’ll be the hardest on the trainer right? Guess who that would be. Me. When the TL isn’t around, ohhhhh they come to me.

I’ve heard it all at this point. I’ve heard TMs bitching at us about our outs batches being big, but what the fuck do you want from my team? It’s our JOB to shoot outs! So okay, I consider maybe, just maybe, we should shorten the batches aisle wise and only shoot a few aisles per batch so theyre faster to pull. Hahhaha. More TMs bitching about now having to push the batches. Causes stupid fucking ETLs to pull us off our needed shooting hours to push shit that SALES FLOOR SHOULD BE PUSHING. But don’t worry, they’ll bitch. So I send one of my own or two to push while I try to finish up a now impossible work load. Nope. Keep calling me. Over and fucking over. They have made us go red for the past few months just to do other people’s bullshit work. We’ve missed doing drastics, we’ve missed outs and we barely get to touch our task list. It gets even more fast fun and friendly! Then the front end ETL decides it’s cute to call sales floor on one and tell them to make sure they “Push the CAFS”. Mind you she made it VERY obvious that it was a jab to us as in oh don’t push Instock’s fucking outs, let them do it. Like fuck you! We bust our ass for this store. It’s even better when they demand we come to the back room and do the CAF pulls because the “backroom can’t handle them”. OH. SO they can’t handle their work load so WE have to do it? Hahaha. It’s fucking adorable. I just find it lovely. GOd forbid instocks can’t do one fucking small thing, the world will burn. But sales floor can sit on their asses and phones all day, backroom can be slow as shit and do nothing, forget Flow because they’re fucking useless.

Now that’s all bad and shit but I can handle it. It’s not gonna break me or anything. However, being the personal fucking target of our very unappreciative STL will in fact break me after a few months. It’s gotten to the point that other TMs have told me I should report him to corporate and sue.  LIke that would even work. Tarshit will back up their precious little carrot top tampon STL they hand crafted over years time. Not the TMs who bust their ass and keep this shithole store running. He personally will breathe down my neck all day knowing I have severe anxiety and get depressed easily. Nit pick everything I do. Question me constantly. Dump everything he can on me until I fucking break. Every. Day. He’s made me break down at work numerous times, I have a stomach ulcer that developed in the past few months because of the stress he puts me through and I’ve thrown up from anxiety. He will watch every sales floor TM text all fucking day. Two minutes until my shift ends all my work is done I’m quickly texting my ride to make sure I can get fucking home in the brutal winter because I can’t afford a car on this shit money, and he tries to step up to me and tell me off? I don’t think so. Now today he dumped everything on my team, more than ever before and had other TLs in on it. Harassing us, demanding us to plan breaks but we can’t communicate about it to figure it out, demanding when I take my 45 when he knows I need it at a certain time for personal reasons. I can deal with the break switching for a day, but do not dare demand shit of me after all the shit I have been put through. I just don’t get why the fuck he’d want to be a boss when all he’s in it for is the bonus. He wouldn’t staff our store properly for over two months to the point we almost lost the store all because “I shouldn’t have to tap into my bonus to get these imbecilles to do their job. They don’t need more people.” Out of his own mouth, I overheard him state this in late October. Ever since then, I will never respect the fuck. So, today I’m going to look for jobs and once I find one, I think I’ll join you ex Tarshits on the greener side and we’ll have a fucking drink together.


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  • Silverfox says:

    final days alright, if it makes you feel better tarshit lost so much money in Canada they had to pull out. Target is in it's final days in Canada


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