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September 5, 2016 - TarSecret

Felt it was time to go (Long story

My name is Julio Hello I have made the decision to leave Target cause I felt I have had enough of it. I worked there for about 3 years at a store in Cali. I feel kind of down cause I liked working there but I had times where I know it’s time to find better. I started out as a cashier , I am one of the only mid 20″s that was a cashier considering it was a piece of shit job but my old job I was only getting 8 hours a week so I felt cashier I will get 20 plus DAMN I remember I started back to school and holidays 2014  just standing in one place for 8 hours not able to go anywhere I felt I was trapped like a animal. All the guys asked me “how can you stand cashiering I could never do that “I felt it was a job that pays but you had to take so much crap I had customers yell at me atleast twice a day for the stupidest shit!! This one lady Buying .40 cent item with a $1.00 coupon. $1!toothpast with a $10!coupon anytime I will tell them I could not be used they will yell at me so loud everyone will just stare at the store. Ppl only do cashier for 6 months MAX I lasted 2 years as a 20 something man. Ok now I had no idea Target had a GSA and GSTL who would act like there GOD and can tell and do for whatever you want. I will come home some days pissed and mad at the world cause I was yelled at or being told to be written up. My GSA now i hated her, but I never quit cause of my bosses I had the boss from hell telling me “I was doing nothing and mock me as a cashier like imitate me as a cashier it was sad!” my first year many quit but I stayed I don’t quit bosses I was an adult and told myself if I quit it was cause my environment. New GSTL never liked me in the first place I go in the same time she does have a smile on my face to show I’m here to work for you she tells me no “hi” or “hello” just looks at me and says “can you pick up the piece of tape on the floor.” I’m like “bitch that shit will be stuck on someone’s shoe in 3 minutes!” She wasn’t a team leader more of a bitch leader. Like that was stupid! Tape! Goes to show the 0 respect she has for cashiers . Ok what kept me going was HoPe I knew one day I will move up in the front we had a few leaving guest service desk cause they was going on to better things. I asked my ETL who I will miss that “hey I will like to know if o can train. At guest service desk for the holidays. She said “I will love that:)” I committed a lot to it. I will come in everyday for my guest service shift I was like my time has paid off:)” I will stay later then came to promotion time cause they needed a spot. I go in and target has these recognition boards . My GSTL aka fucking bitch promoted this girl over me I was sad at first but what made me more sad is she never recognized me at all for helping out in guest service . Cause she never liked me idk some bosses just love to make others feel like Crap I just told myself next time.. I decided I wanted to go to school cause I was planning on leaving target at age 24 anyway my passion was to be a Physical Therapist Aide and I’m doing really well I grad in 3 months! Anyway . Sam will call out often she eventually quit I thought this is my time my availability was good enough to close atleast which was what I did during the holidays. Did I get guest service nope I will close cashier when this new girl Kelly who transferred feom another Target took the spot it was obvious my dedication to my store didn’t matter . It hurt but I’m a strong guy . I was like “wow I been at this store for 2 years and still is a cashier while this new girl Kelly who only been here for 2 months has the spot that I wanted and felt deserve I mean covering shifts there and helping out but it didn’t matter to them. I will tell myself my team lead doesn’t deserve a hard working employee like me cause I know she makes the calls in a way. Or the 2 lady’s that make the hours are sexist. I have seen it before as well. So part of me said I’m going to school I’m better then this job. Next I was told I will do Guest service  on Wednesday night I was so happy I texted my mom “and like I’m glad target is finally  seeing potential :)” little did they know they took me off GS. I was sad as fuck like I was planning on looking fresh cause I will be in my office cause at my store it’s a nice looking office . The shift was 8-4 which is always a GS shift they then took me off and put me as a cashier. I went to my HR and she said “oh we schedule to many ppl and your just a cashier that day.” I was like wtf I then see patty and this girl who they let go last year and came back gave her that spot ” I felt I been with this store for 2 years straight and there giving it to the little hoe who fucked my GSTL 2 years ago that way she gets promoted to GS in 2014. It was a tough week I was like why will I go on for my cashier shift when o should of been on Guest service why out of all 3 they took me off. I didn’t go in that day they called and told them “I quit obviously this company has no growth for me” I feel good I’m going on my extern in 3 months anyway. So hopefully I get hired there. I felt I’m 24 now been with this job since 21 I shouldn’t work for a company where they have favorites . I’m surprised I held on so long many ppl would of left I don’t know what to feel I really wanted to grow with target but obviously someone I will guess my TL will make me feel “no way you will always be a cashier” so fuck her I’m not going to work for someone like that I felt i did show up to my 8-4 cashier shift I would of felt like a damn fool plus 8 hours of cashier is TORTURE !! I did it for 2 years can’t do it again you want to die after standing one place for so long  . Cause they know they screwed me over . I hated cashiering anyway so I’m happy I’m free from constant angry and rude customers and some GSA always bossing you around I’m like ” I’m 24 I never pictured my life like this I’m in school I’m doing Physical Therapy which what I love doing I always have a smile on my face at school.” I was always a great cashier always there called off but not as much as the others but hey no more dealing with red cards. Will I be a cashier again. Never not cause fear of not moving up just cause it sucks. I asked to be in the floor but they wouldn’t let me . This one guy did but not me the floor least your free to walk around. Zone. And shit cashier is more like a slave job. i do believe I held on as long as I can but I’m glad to be freeeeee since I quit that day I’m sure they will always think”they messed up” putting me to the garbage but who know prolly don’t give a crap I’m free now as for me I’m just going to school and focusing on my passion as for target well they can suck a big red card sick


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