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April 13, 2011 - TomC

Feeling Mistreated by Target

I haven’t decided yet how much I am troubled by Target or whether I won’t be shopping there again, but I did want to share this anecdote about what happened to me earlier today.

I drove to one of our nearby Targets to return a pair of shoes, specifically cheap, made-in-China Shaun White skate shoes. I no longer skate, but I liked the way the shoes looked and felt on my feet, so I bought them. However, within about two months of owning them, the glue holding one of the shoes started drying out, and the shoe started falling apart. When I called Target’s 800 number, I was informed that I could exchange them if they were purchased within 90 days. So far so good.

So today, I brought the shoes back to return them and was told that they could give me credit for around $9.00. I was hoping simply to exchange them for another pair of the same shoe, as I did like them. However, they no longer had the same color. I didn’t really care, so I picked out a different color (of the same shoe) only to find out that all the other colors were going for 2-3 times the price of what I apparently paid for the original pair. Since I didn’t have my original store receipt I felt at a bit of a disadvantage in knowing exactly how much I had paid originally – I had remembered them being marked down, but I couldn’t remember the exact price.

Anyway, suffice it to say that I feel a bit cheated. Target sold me a defective shoe and then wouldn’t let me exchange it for the same item.




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  • TargetSucks says:

    Target will do anything they can to screw you out of your money. If your purchase was made within 90 days, they can look up the purchase for you. Most other companies will go even farther, but not Target. Crappy Products, Crappy Prices, Crappy Customer Service. Expect Less, Pay More. Target.


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