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December 7, 2012 - seespotsuck

Fast Fun and Friendly, my ass

So I took a part time job at Target for some extra holiday money . I figured since I shopped there pretty frequently, having an extra discount would come in handy . Let me also preface the rest of this by saying I’m a 40 year old with a degree and and have worked my fair share of bullshit jobs in my life . Unfortunately nothing could have prepared me for the soul sucking black hole that is Target . The first few weeks weren’t so bad . The pay completely sucked but I was being paid to pull merchandise forward . A fucking monkey could do my job . But then, shit changed as the weeks went on . The one thing I learned real fast was that if you actually do a decent job at work, you’ll end up doing all the hard tasks they don’t want to give to the other lazy fuckwits. Great. I get to work twice as hard for the same pay. Who wouldn’t want that sweet deal?

Next up . The awesome LOD’ s . Seriously, what a bunch of incompetent, rude, corporate lackeys. I actually had one of mine tell me “Less talk, more work” while customers, I mean “guests” were right in earshot . Seriously, you twat? Who the fuck talks to someone like that? Oh, I’m sorry . God forbid I derive any pleasure whatsoever from this job . It’s almost like they’re trying to weed out the non obedient sheep from the herd by being such complete dicks. You want respect from me? How about treating me with some respect asshole. Maybe it’s because when time for recognition comes around I never open my mouth . Take your Vibe cards and shove them up your ass too.

As far as Red Cards go, I couldn’t give less of a shit how many goddamned cards you put as the quota . I’m not suggesting them and I never will . What’s my inventive? Zero . Our store was in some shitty contest with another store in the district for the most Red Cards . Our store ended up winning . You know what we got? A shitty fucking trophy. Yay! That will come in handy for morale . Fuck off .

Work hours . That’s another gem . I was working a solid 26 hours for months . Then all the seasonal idiots were hired and my hours went down to 14.75 for the past two weeks . Gee, thanks . To top it off, I requested a day off and it was denied . Seriously? You schedule me three lousy days but then deny my request for a day off? Something about “blacked out” dates . I bet the asshats in charge can take off during these days . I have a family . Shit comes up and I need off . Their suggestion, “Get someone to cover it for you.” I’m not even going to bother . I’ll just call in sick like everyone else does .

I don’t know about other stores, but at mine, fuckers call out all the time and somehow keep their jobs . The best part of that is NO ONE comes in to cover the shifts . What does that mean for you? More fucking work . Also, my store is packed full of people that since they have been there longer, feel its ok to boss you around . Dare to dream, losers . If climbing the Target ladder is your idea of success, you should walk in front of a bus .

I could keep going but I’m about to pound this drink and head to work .

God, I can’t wait to quit this job . I’m going to make it legendary . Like Scarface from Half Baked .

Minimum Wage, Maximum Rage

Fuck Target .




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  • TargetSucks says:

    I'm pretty sure you just won "Best Rant for 2012" That was awesome! 🙂

  • TargetBlows19 says:

    I could NOT agree with EVERYTHING written in this post any more than I do! Nicely said.

  • Angry_Bastard says:

    "Minimum Wage, Maximum Rage." You get credit for that. And what are you drinking? Something with a lot of proof, I hope.

  • Feedup2 says:

    I feel your pain, it's note what you know, it's who you blow at my Target. There are kids working here with their pants half way down their ass, fuck off all the time. BUT they are buddy, buddy with the bitch team lead. To make it more frustrating, they make them "trainers"!!! Are you kidding me???? Oh then it gets better, if you sleep with the LOD, yes this happens and are the playmates of the LOD's boyfriend( and I mean a boy) you can do what ever you want. My Target is a joke, leadership gets paid lunches and other perks and we get lunch meat and bread for working on Black Friday.

  • montaguezx says:

    Loved your rant. I went for the Target job for similar reasons to yours and received the same full on, no lube ram job. Been gone since August after firing Target and am now doing work for the Red Cross, just back from Hurricane Sandy. Got worked into the ground but loved it. Target ain't got a clue, wouldn't know a clue if one caved in it's corporate skull. Keep the faith and move on.

  • ExploitedFlowTeam says:

    Well put man, especially the call out part. Were already short handed and it seems we get stuck unloading / pushing 2300+ piece trucks with 13-14 people, that includes backroom and Pfresh. I cannot wait to get back to the real world where bullshit like that means your fuckin gone.

  • seespotsuck says:

    After my rant I decided that there was no way I was going to be treated like garbage for $8.50 an hour and I just stopped showing up . Why bother calling? I owe that place ZERO . I actually feel bad for the other employees that feel like they have to be fed a shit sandwich every time they show up for work . There are sites all over the internet of people complaining about Target' s poor customer service . There' s a reason . The employees are miserable . If you took a full time job at Target working 40 hours a week @ $8.50 you would only make $16,320 before taxes . Who the hell could ever live on that? Certainly not the CEO of Target . He paid himself a handsome 24 Million dollars last year . Maybe he should go on that undercover boss show and see what it's really like.

  • ihatetarget101 says:

    I love how they promote working there being a "team" effort, yet when I'm doing carts (which is pretty much all the fucking time because everyone else hates doing it), I never get help. The only thing keeping me here is the few cool coworkers I have, but everything else pisses me off. Although one of my GSTL'S is really chill but I hate everyone else pretty much. Yeah, making me cover a Food Avenue break, which I've NEVER done or been trained at, totally makes sense.

  • DeathByTarget says:

    The only people happy working at Target are the kind of people who can drink Kool-Aid every day & not throw up.

    Any ETL or TL with a real conscious leaves as soon as they can a decent job.

    Fast = How much time it takes for them to mistreat you.

    Fun = ETLs & TLs gossiping about the TMs they hate.

    Friendly = TMs because their morale is just as bad as the next guy.


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