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January 1, 2011 - retailstinks

Family Friendly, not a chance!

I am currently in college after being a stay at home mom for a number of years.  My son is 5 so he still needs someone to be home with him at all times.  So in June of 2010 I decided to apply for a job at 3 of the Targets in town and finally in August one of them called me.  I went to two interviews and was hired for the overnight flow team and was told the hours were 10pm to 5am so there would be no problem since my husband doesn’t have to leave for work until 6am.  So when I started I was given 4 days a week but that dwindled down to 2 days a week.  I was cool with that because it was their slow time so no problems so far.  Well come Christmas time they expect you to work tons of hours so naturally I worked but could only stay until 5:45am since my husband had to leave for work at 6am and I had to be home with my 5 year old son.  Well, that wasn’t good enough for them, I guess they think it is okay to leave a 5 year old alone so I can work at Target and their ETLs can get their Christmas bonus.  I can not afford a nanny to come sit with my son for 2 hours so I can bust my ass working until all hours of the morning.  They never said anything to me about this being a problem.  I would never have taken a job if they can’t be flexible.  I do have a life outside of Target.  They emphasized when I started to make sure that my availability on my application is correct.  So I worked for 4 weeks during Christmas for 5 days in a row each week even though I only said I wanted 20-30 hours per week.  Well apparently this is not enough in Target’s eyes because I looked at the schedule  for next week and they have reduced my hours down to 5 hours per week.  What is the damn point of that, why even schedule me?  I can make more money selling plasma at the plasma center.  They even scheduled the less experienced seasonal employees for 3 days that week.  So I guess basically they are telling me that since I can’t work my entire life away and I have responsibilities outside of Target, I am a crappy employee.  This has really hurt my feelings because I really work my ass off to get stuff put on the shelf as fast as possible as they request.  I guess if I work slower and stay over 2 hours then I will be a better employee in their eyes.  If you have children and can’t afford a nanny or have any other responsibility then do not work for this company, they will make you feel like a piece of shit if you don’t work when they want you to.  I am sorry I even bothered with this place.  I have already picked up a voluntary termination sheet to turn in the next time I work, which isn’t much.  🙁  I feel if I don’t quit now they will probably just stop scheduling me.  I guess this is 5 months of my life that was wasted and I will never get back.  How disappointing.




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