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June 16, 2014 - mynameiswhat

F target

I’m a cashier unfortunately & where do I begin!
at first I thought I would actually enjoy working here but boy was I wrong! I have never DREADED coming to work so much before until I was hired at target. There’s a GSTL who recently moved up positions (out of all the leaders, they had to move her up) whom is big on red cards and expects every cashier to “at least” get 3 or 4. That’s a pretty high expectation considering the whole scandal that just happened. Fuck the “guest” who blame the cashiers for the breach! Like if it was our fault we didn’t set up a firewall before they swipe their cards! Back to the leader, I know they’re suppost to meet a red card goal during their shift but this lady takes everything too personal & gives you the cold shoulder & acts straight up like a bitch if you don’t get a red card. NO ONE WANTS ONE! I also think she loves putting you on the spot & telling the cashiers what she doesn’t like IN FRONT OF THE GUEST! The least she could do is pull you aside! NO! she likes talking right behind them & making it extremely awkward for the cashier & guest (I’ve seen it happen several times) The management took a downhill once an LOD left. Most of the team members started quitting (wouldn’t blame them). Only reason I haven’t left is because it isn’t easy finding a job in this effed up economy. Since the fAnother thing is I recently got a cold that turned into continuous fevers & resulting in me have to call out of work. I personally went to talk to them & honestly tell them I’m too sick to come in but after listening to how sick I am they still ask “do you think you can come in later then?” NO YOU DENSE MOTHERF*** unless you want me coughing & sneezing all over the people (no matter how much I’d enjoy it) overall this place is F*** UP! I hate it I hate it I hate it! cashiers & guest service have it the worst!


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  • TargetGrunt says:

    I could never do register because, like you, I think that pushing red cards is bullshit. A third of the country was exposed, people aren't just going to forget that.

    Even though it might be pointless, I think we should all try emailing the execs anonymously and tell them to stop pushing the stupid cards. is an excellent medium for sending nearly untraceable emails (so long as you refrain from illegal activity such as death threats).

    Here's the lot of 'em: (Interim CEO)

    • Silverfox says:

      only reason i would get the canadian version is if I was going to shop at target usa. Works out nicely since target gives 5% discount for cad version as well. So target gets to pay my forex fees. TEHE! And I would go to the bank instead of target.

  • viciousdave says:

    I am a team member of Target as well. I am a cashier also, I hate the red card crap, most I ever get now after breach thing is once every 3 months or so. I've emailed to headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. I live in Minnesota, so this was quite easy. I told them the GSTLs are pushing us too hard for red cards while no one wants one what so ever and a lot say because of the breach. I got a response of "We're glad you responded to us team member of store #2200, we will make sure to help." What happened? They didn't do shit. My store GSTLs still rush on about, "why aren't you selling any, you gotta get better than this, it's not ever good enough." Blah blah, blah. I said again and again, no one wants one. She said "No, everone doesn't have one already and you haven't asked everyone." Well ok, I don't. I don't want that hassel on me when I want fast service for the people to come through with the long lines! Overall, they just don't want to listen to the point that everyone is saying no now, I've asked many and over 5,000 over 2 months all said no.

  • edge says:

    I haven't gotten a red card in months...I act and play nice whenever they tell me that I need three or four, and that if we don't, we will all get in trouble and coached. I just smile and tell them I'll do my best so they can't accuse me of anything. I've been here a whole year and not once been coached.


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