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August 11, 2014 - edge


Just curious… Are all cashier jobs exhausting? Or just Tarshit’s? It doesn’t matter if it’s a long or short shift. A four hour shift feels like I just worked an eight hour shift. I come home, feet sore, throat scratchy, and utterly tired.

Granted, I only work weekends due to school etc, but I work hard on those three to four shifts in a row. I like to earn my money. I am also often targeted by a GSA who constantly makes me zone the one spot (most confusing and frustrating place I have ever encountered), the trading card wall, and go fetch items to restock the front shelves. She also loves to constantly remind me of my low red card conversion scores and threatens coaching. I find myself especially tired after having to spend a full eight hours with her.

I often visit the lovely Sprouts and Trader Joe’s and Yogurt Land. I notice their cashiers never have to pitch a sale for cards and seem generally happier and energetic, whereas I already feel worn down by the first break. Couldn’t possibly be from running around the store and pitching to every single fucking customer red cards and fucking cartwheel, could it? (Fuck cartwheel. None of the dipshit customers can ever figure out that simple app. Can’t believe I waste time and breath explaining how to use it.)

I’m sure I can attribute the exhaustion to a shitload of stress (not just school; I have it almost constantly at home too. My life is defined by stress 🙁  ). I’m sure some stress from work is normal, but is it really normal for a cashiering job to be so tiring that you come home exhausted just from four or six hours?


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  • TargetSucks says:

    You work for the worst retail company on the planet. You'd have less stress working for a Walmart in China.

  • TargetGrunt says:

    I would say it's definitely not normal and you're right that cashier positions devoid of sales are a lot less stressful. Just hearing "no" over and over again can do a lot to bring you down, even if you don't realize it consciously, as can working with hostile and emotionally toxic "leaders" like the one you mentioned.

    Also, as Admin said, Target is one of the worst companies on the planet in terms of stress management, employee management and well... everything really.

    I just wish more companies would do away with "loyalty cards" or proactive sales all together. I can understand having products and services available for those who are interested, but hounding people day after day expecting the shit to stick is an obnoxious practice in of itself.

    • Silverfox says:

      Safeway recently did away with their loyalty card. Well they used to have two loyalty cards. airmiles and club safeway. Now it's only airmiles

      • Darth says:

        Dear Edge,
        No, it is not normal for one to be so exhausted. You do see that Target is sucking the life out of you, draining you like a vampire? GSL's, ETL's, LOD's, and the like, also have certain weaknesses: they cannot survive without blood; cannot enter a house unless summoned; lose their power at daybreak, at which time they must seek shelter in the earth or a coffin; and are powerless before crucifixes, Communion wafers, and other holy objects.

  • poohbear80 says:

    I can't wait until my breaks whether or not it's 6-8 hour shift. you have to make conversation with these people (cashiers at other stores where I shop only say hello and have a good day, except for Publix, stay away from there it's almost Target without red cards) because target wants the guest to feel special and more importantly for Target it allows the cashier to swoop in on them with the red card attack and remind them about Cartwheel. So you have all these people you have to talk to in a shift, stress of red cards, as well as your normal bagging a family of fours food for the week and you're tired. Then when you do get a free moment to relax they want you to stand at the end of your checklane to let people know you are "available to serve them" and you get several guests a week with the line "you look bored i'll come over to you!"


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