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March 7, 2016 - Sora1995

Ever had a ETL ride your teams ass?

So I’ve been working at this specific store for almost a full year, I was hired in from being only seasonal during our Back To School season and at the start it was everything I wanted in a job to support me through college. It was fun, I had the need team lead, we joked around,  listened to music we talked and the money was good I was averaging about $600 every paycheck. This all changed when the main office decided to get rid of our old STL and replace her with a new one.  We could still have fun but everything had a serious tone to it.  He also kept bringing in other team leads from other stores in our location who kept trying to boss us around but this was no big deal. BTS ended and Halloween came around and we got a new ETL over Logistics. This guy didn’t bother us much so everything ran smoothly until we got word that we were getting a second ETL for Logistics. When she came things got extremely bad. She switched us to overnight again and started riding my Team Lead’s ass about everything.  She started firing team members who had been there for years and kept complaining about the time line for us to be out of the store. I decided to file a complaint with HR thinking our new HR would do something but he did absolutely nothing, when I went into his office there was a stack of complaints on his desk about this specific ETL the must have been more than 200 and nothing was done about her.  She makes working at Target hell. I dread going into work now cause I know I have to deal with her bullshit. And what makes it worst is that we took a pay cut due to this being our dry season and around Christmas time some family problems arose where my mother’s health depends on me taking her to her apointments but according to this ETL, cause she’s always there with the flow team annoying us, we aren’t suppose to leave until the truck is done, not at the time we are scheduled. She then goes on to complain about payroll when we do decide to stay until the truck is done.  The reason I’m not staying until it’s done is because me being a student and my family problems my scheduling is real right.  I’ve put in multiple availability changes but she constantly keeps denying them. Oh and she has an unknown obsession with me.  She’s always fucking with me for some reason whether it be when I’m on the floor pushing or on my 15 (which I rarely take cause I just want to get out of the store.) She knew how tight my schedule was and has started scheduling me for longer shifts when I don’t want them.  I give them to call outs in the same month and she says if I call out again it’s going to be a corrective action. She’s fired my team lead not before completely stressing him out to the point of him wanting to take his own life. She told him if she catches me talking to anyone else on the team, she’ll send me home.  When we ate unloading the truck she comes on the line just to push it when it’s full thinking that it’ll make us work faster when we are going as fast as possible, all it does is make boxes fall off the line and break items, which she blames on us. She takes credit for the hard work of other people such as the time when a team member finished an entire section by himself. Our STL walked by and asked who did it and she stood there grinning with her fat fucking face and aid she did it. She fired another team member for lounging when he was looking for another team member because the other team member needed a ride home. She’s completely killed the moral on the team to the point where team members call out on a regular basis or they have all gotten second jobs because they don’t want to deal with her.  A couple of days ago while we were all on our 15, HR comes in and asks us if we any complaints about her so we all complain. He addressed the communication problems with her but none of the other conplaints. This situation has become extremely  ad and we have no idea what we should be doing.


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  • Silverfox says:

    once the entire team has a 2nd job. quit all at the same time. so the two weeks notice at the same time too. that will screw her royally

  • Viberator says:

    Fastest way to fire an ETL is the Best Team Survey. Filing complaints with the HR-ETL or STL rarely leave the store. When the region, group, and district see that they have a lousy ETL and BTS results are bad, they are replaced ASAP.

    • TargetMinion says:

      Also use the comment cards. You can fill them out at home and they're prepaid so it doesn't cost you postage. It gives you an area to write your information (obviously don't unless you want massive repercussions) but make sure to put your store number. Then write whatever you want and list names of ETLs and how they are doing their job poorly. It gets scent to some corporate place and when you out your store number it goes to the district HRBP and your store STL will see it as well. But basically Target won't know who it came from and your store will be under heat as long as they keep getting them written in.


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