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August 23, 2013 - Some Girl

ETL Completely disregarding my availability change.

I’ve been working at Target (full time) for almost 2 months, and I’m starting school soon. The beginning of this month I gave TSC my school schedule and I changed my availability online. I requested to work 3 days a week, 20 hours maximum. And I am available anytime on Saturdays and Sundays, pretty lenient right? I even spoke to the ETL who makes the schedule a couple of times explaining to him my situation, and he seemed to be sympathetic and understanding of my wishes telling me it was no problem. So today, I look at the Week 3 schedule to see that they have me working 30 HOURS, 4 DAYS A WEEK. Clearly not what I said my availability was, and there’s no way I can work that much being that it’s my freshman year of college and school is my main priority. I spoke to one of my co-workers today about it, and he told me they disregard his availability requests (since he works 2 jobs) pretty much all the time, and has been at Target for 7 YEARS. I am super angry, and I am going to talk to the ETL about this the next time I see him. If I don’t see a change, I’m leaving this fucking company.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    You should leave the company. But, in the meantime, call HR. Sure, HR really is working for the management, not you, but any time you call them to complain, they have to document it. So call. And call. And call again. Anytime anything bothers you.

  • Thatwierdguy says:

    School is first my friend. I agree with you about leaving the job if things don't change, you gave them the heads up about your schedule so they should put in their part as well. Instead of helping you with the school thing, they just add pressure on to you. Psshh yea right!

  • target9090 says:

    Yeah about as much as you'll get out of HR is for them to document it. Don't fall into the HR trap they are the most powerful, deceitful people in all of Target no joke. They are not there to help you even though they will wear that fake phony hat. It's not STL's its HR that run the show at a store level like it or not. Ever notice how all HR's are STL's bff's yeah.. coincidence not likely.

    • TargetSucks says:

      You're absolutely right, HR is there to protect the company, but they have to document the complaints. Enough complaints on file is helpful if any action is taken against target.

      Something important to think about: if you work for a company for a long time, and the environment becomes hostile, and you don't feel like you can work there anymore, you can quit and still get unemployment. But when you apply for it, or if you file a lawsuit, having those complaints on file is something that will work in your favor. If you don't call HR, and they ask you if you ever tried to complain, there's no proof that you ever did.


    Ya they're incompetent to put as the easiest. They are known for doing that. Once in a while you get a good hr but majority are baddies. I quit caring to be honest about target after being with them for a few months. Got tired of the head games they play.
    They expect you to revolve around Target and not allow you to live life.

    They used to try and schedule me 6 days a week for 35 hrs. I told them with working a full time job I was working 5 days a week for 40 hrs, so you need to trim a day off and give me more hours the time I am here.

    They didn't like it one bit, and I didn't give a shit.


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