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November 4, 2017 - Fucctarget

Entire staff is cliquey and bullies new hires

I got hired by target about mid september this year and i tried my best to get to know everyone and quickly adjust. For a while things were going smoothly. A few of the other cashiers were pretty friendly with me and I learned to keep up with my tasks as a cashier pretty quick (our cart guy doesn’t take care of the hangers or the inside cart organisation at all, so the cashiers take turns doing it). But after I finished my training, things went downhill pretty quick.

Every time i would go into the break room, there would be a clique of people taking up half the chairs in there so i would sit at the far end and eat. And they were always gossiping about how people hired most recently probably wouldn’t last through christmas and how all the older employees are so much better. and it felt surreal how pompous and silly they sounded but they genuinely felt like the new people were going to get fired for being new. But now after having been there for about a month and a half, i can honestly say thats exactly what they are doing.

The core staff have all been working there for like 5-10 years. and any newer hires were disrespected once they got past training. They would get talked down to, the hr would shaft them with the worst back to back shifts that the old employees didn’t want. So I worked the entire month of october either 5 mid day shifts in a row or closing to opening and closing to opening for 4 days in a row. The team leads also constantly try to scrape random shifts onto me regardless of how im scheduled. “i know you’re working tomorrow already, but would you mind taking another shift? x person took the day off and i need someone to come in for them”. and if i say no, i mysteriously get pulled aside on my way out and talked to about being proactive and having initiative by hr or the stl.

To top it off, the older employees goof off on shift and wander around and talk about video games and music and go and get coffee and snacks whenever they want, regardless of their position. but they expect me to be a robot all shift. I had to go pee in the middle of a shift and the other cashier had walked off to talk to the gstl about a halloween movie he had watched. I came back out of the bathroom to a line of 3 people at the registers. and the gstl chewed me out for going pee on shift rather than chewing the senior cashier out for talking about movies and ignoring customers. and a couple of mondays ago, i was working morning shift and I  had taken care of all the carts and hangers and other miscellaneous tasks (specifically just me because, again, the other cashiers just goof off). Nobody had come into the store in 30 minutes so i sat down on the bagging table thing at the end of the register and stared off into space for a moment. The other cashier didn’t like that apparently and went and told the fucking STL who happened to be over at guest services talking to the gstl about who knows what. So the head honcho himself took some time out of his day to chew me out for not having busy-work to do and for sitting down on the job. Cool.

Finally, the head AP guy would follow me around all day. like I would expect him to sit at the food avenue all day and keep an eye on the store front. But when i would run the hanger bin to the backrooms, he would follow me back there and then again to the front of the store. or he would take breaks when i was sent on break and like make a cup of coffee and then linger in the back office area until i would go back to the front. He knew i was employee and i have never acted up beyond those arbitrary write ups or whatever for sitting on the job and going pee. But he just stalks me all day.

So im going to put my two weeks notice in pretty soon because im done being treated like a rat just for being new. i’ve worked my ass off for target and this is what i get. fuck em, they can deal with black friday and christmas without me.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    I have some issue with your post. You clearly lack experience working in a retail environment. Now don't get me wrong Target is the worst of the worst, but you're missing the bigger picture. It's common knowledge that retail jobs have a very high turnover rate. Every retail establishment I've worked at the older employees never expected new hires to last long. They don't expect them to be fired, they expected them to quit. BECAUSE THEY ALL QUIT. It's rare anyone sticks around long in retail. The pay is not worth the terrible work. The pay is not worth the terrible customers. The pay is not worth the uneducated lazy management. Here's the thing about Target, the lifers are harder to fire and are stuck in their ways, management can't conform them. New employees are much easier to conform and abuse. They either want you to be their robot or quit before 3 months. Like you already said you're quitting, not getting fired. So they were right about new hires not sticking around, because they don't. I didn't stick around either, after 6 months I never returned no word no notice. They didn't call me once to ask where I was. A bunch of useless lifers around while I was expected to do everything while being treated like garbage.

    • Silverfox says:

      And then the older employees end up picking up the slack when the new hires don't show up at all. Or they do such a horrible job that we end up doing their job for them.
      Seriously we have one guy right now that is even worse than the autistic guy we had a while back who at least listened to what you told him. I'm like it's in aisle 1. And then he calls the other girl, I can't find it! I'm like fuck it, I'll get it myself since I had no line up myself. By the time I got there, he finally made his way to get the item. I grabbed it and gave it to the customer after sticking it into a produce bag. Took me 2 minutes. Maybe new hires should actually learn their job and do it properly instead of us having to do your job. And everyone is on an even playing field since there was a recent reno with a plano reset. Pretty sure most of you guys know what i mean by plano. Can't play the new hire card for not knowing where shit is

  • viciousdave says:

    I stayed for 10 years and than got fired December 2016. They said you don't have enough red card sales, your not going forward with our initiative. It's like I work hard, I have a hearing problem so I started working part time 2 years ago. Working part time limits me on red card sales duh!

  • Pissedoffcashier says:

    Sounds like my old store.

  • poohbear80 says:

    This is exactly how my experience at target was. I’d rather clean prison toilets for a living over working there again.

  • Silverfox says:

    On the bright side if an customer starts harassing you and swearing at you, the ap guy is right behind you. And just let him deal with the idiot. Running hangers to the backroom is dangerous! Some folks might try to steal the hangers from you!


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