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May 16, 2017 - molow

End to end team bullshit

I don’t really know how many stores have already switched over to working in these teams or whatever but supposedly it was “just a test” to see if things would work out better this way or if we should just keep things the way they were (we never were going to have a choice obviously) Going into it we were told by our stl that it was going to be complete chaos as they didn’t even really know what was going on. It’s been about two weeks and it’s the dumbest thing that could have happened. They’re throwing people into an entire section with no knowledge about pog, pricing, backstock and pulls, etc and expecting it to get done by that person who is someone that just came off of truck and only knows how to read a location ! We were told that the people on each team were split up based on who could train everyone (one team has one person from pog, pricing, backroom, etc) but everytime its come down to it we get in trouble for helping another person because it’s “not our responsibility” and our team leads are “sick of telling us to mind your own business and don’t get caught helping another area” ?! Is anybody else’s experience going any better than this ?? We’ve had 3 main people leave already and I don’t see many people being able to stick around for this for too much longer 🙄


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