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September 27, 2014 - ssshhhimnothere

Employee Theft Question

Ok so set scene:

If someone i know comes in and buy multiple $100 visa gift cards with $1 bills (to make it somewhat legit on camera) and then after all of that is done, I quit by simply leaving, especially during busy holiday seasons where its very busy, can target send police to my house and arrest me?


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  • TargetSucks says:

    If you participated in a felony, then yes, you can expect the police to come after you.

  • bdubs2014 says:

    I'm sure if they realize that your drawer is off by hundreds of dollars they'll watch the tapes and see you do it. They will definately send cops after you.

    There was a guy who worked at my store and they suspected he stole an IPod from electronics, so they had him cover a break back there while the STL and AP watched him on the camera. He then stole iPad accessories while they were watching him. The cops were waiting for him outside when he left that day.

  • edge says:

    So you're saying this supposed person is going to buy a fee gift cards with only a few bucks? You do realize they will know it was you on that register. Logging in with your employee number every single time you are on a register isn't for nothing. Even if you log on with someone else's number, they can track down what time this purchase was made and view it on camera.
    Don't waste your time on theft just to get back at tarshit. Just quit and spread the word of their shitty treatment. Is it really worth going to jail for? Gift cards? Really?


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