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August 20, 2018 - graceruth20

Embarrassingly fired

I was hired at target for the Flex fullfiment position, which I enjoyed and was pretty good at it (as told by an LOD herself). I worked there for about 2 months and neevr missed a shift, always came in on time, and did my job, in my opinion, better than the other flex people. Then one week, I misread my schedule thinking I had Sunday-Wednesday off, which isn’t weird becuase I usually worked weekends, but turned out I had two shifts Monday and Wednesday that I didn’t show up for- a no call no show unfortunately. It was an honest mistake and I wasn’t aware that I was supposed to be working due to the mix up. But what I find weird is that no one ever called me to tell me I was late for my shift those days or I needed to be there for my shift. I take full responsiblity for not reading my schedule correctly, and I was below my 90-day policy which makes sense why I was fired. But why did no one have the decency to contact me and tell me I had a shift? I would’ve  rushed in immediately if I had knew I was working. I’m not extraordinarily upset about getting fired but I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life. I go in at 7:30am and the LOD has to let me in the front door, I walked in thinking everything was normal and started work like it was a normal shift. My co-worker was acting weird, but continued work as usual. And then the LOD walkies me and asks for my location,  comes and finds me in the middle of the store and fires me right there on the spot… in the middle of the store, where I’m pretty sure other people heard. I was basically forced to do a walk of shame and I was so embarrassed that I was tearing up and that’s not the worst part. I punched out and walked out, crying now, tears running down my face. And when I walked outside the two LODs and head of HR are all standing outside talking and the STL said “we’re so sad” and made a pouting face with her lip.. it seemed so bitchy and sarcastic. The LOD said it was corporate policy to be terminated after a no call no show, but they never even tried to call me Into my missed shifts.. which any other work place would’ve done. Which makes me think that if they didn’t call me in for my shift that they didn’t either need me or they didn’t care.. I can’t figure it out but they left me with one of the most embarrassing moments of my life and I feel like I was set up for failure.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Great news!!!! In most states they have to make an attempt to contact you about your whereabouts! Especially If they have policies in place that you most contact them they must also grant you the same curtsy. As well they must be consistent with on how they fire employees and discipline them they can't be all willynilly about it(I highly doubt everyone gets fired in plain view on the store floor. It's standard procedure to do it in a private place.) If you hired a skilled attorney you would easily win a lawsuit against Target on this matter. They would most likely lie and say they attempted to contact you but cell phone records would clear that up quickly.

    • elguey says:

      Don't worry about it. So you made a mistake--big deal. The LOD apparently wanted to use the opportunity to flex the authoritative muscles in a conspicuous manner so typical of them. I am sure your co-workers were trembling in fear. Put it behind you. Many better employment opportunities in the retail space these days with fixed scheduling or change notification procedures. Hope you have found a better job by now.

  • Silverfox says:

    Looks like a excuse to fire you


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