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June 9, 2014 - thehellwithtarget


Hello Everyone

So I’ve worked at Target for about A year and 8 months or so. Well what can I say I started as a Sales floor TM and electronics TM. Well throughout my whole year I was never schudeled for an electronics shift until after my first year the two times I was scheduled was on low and behold Black Friday and the day the PS4 came out. Throughout that year I made friends with a lot of the team member all cool people. I also started to notice this guy that worked electronics was a total douche bag who thought he was above everyone else cuz his brother was dating the HR ETL’s sister. He said he would get fired cuz he has immunity. That dumbass never did anything he would always be far away from the boat never answer the phone always would flirt with any girl that was there and would leave an effin mess at the boat ALL THE TIME!!! The Senior Team Lead was a bit of a jerk as well always had someone else do his job that he couldn’t finish which was up to douchbag guy to do it. Which he was basically his bitch. Haha

So one day I was doing go backs in toys and douchebag guy was supposed to help me and well he never did until the backroom TL came up to me and asked me what I was doing he is a real chill guy I told him I’m doing the toy go backs and the he asked me what douchebag guy was supposed to be doing and I told him that he’s supposed to be helping me with the gobacks. And needless to say he was nowhere to be seen. The TL asked me where he was I told him idk he’s probably somewhere in the back the TL said the dumbass never does anything he’s always walking around in the backroom. I laughed and I said did you just barely notice that he said no I noticed it along time ago. So when the TL got promoted to Senior TL the first thing he did was get him fired idk how it went down but I would have loved to have been there haha SHOVE IMMUNITY DOWN YOUR ASS MOFO. So after he got fired electronics was better than ever but then the other Senior TL that was in charge of electronics got fired too and damn which was so effin amazing. Electronics kept getting green all the time they were #1 in the district a couple of times it just flowed better. I was still annoyed cuz I wouldn’t get scheduled for electronics but then I was offered to work in Instocks and I took the opportunity so now I’m an Instocks TM.

I thought okay new department more to learn and yeah it really opened my eyes to how everything like the zone and the go back are important and shiiet so it was good for a while and then bomb another douchebag the Flow TL. Oh geeze that guy knows how to abuse power takes advantage of the days the Logistics ETL and the Instocks TL and takes one of the team member from Instocks to do work in the back room which usually leaves one person to scan the whole store. Like really asshole really??!! Now since the new 6am process started and Instocks got there hours cut and now has to help flow I see why the majority of the flow tm hate him. Real asshole I tell you the whole 6am process is not helping the push go backs and zone are almost never done for those damn departments. I mean cmons all of Hardlines done in 4 hours phucken idiots I swear. That’s why I like BTS months cuz negative feedback here it comes lol. The only good things about the damn store is the Real hot Senior TL and the real good looking HR ETL also the Store manager looks like she could have been a model lol the Senior TL is a DIME!! and the HR is a solid 8 haha.


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