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July 22, 2014 - Matt Allen85

Dumbass city

So at my store every time something gets backstocked it comes right back out in the next set of autofills, and I mean EVERYTHING. Dumbass LODS don’t seems to care and district leaders tell us to do some stupid subt 999 thing that doesn’t make sense. Everyone in the back is sick of it, we even had someone email the CEO who did respond but went on to do nothing. Does anyone else have this stupid ass problem?




  • TargetGrunt says:

    Yup, anything backstocked before noon at my store ends up coming right back out in the CAFs. I've been told it's issues with the sales floor accumulator, that it's an issue with flow, an issue with in-stocks and a myriad of other excuses. Similarly we've been told to use SUBT 9999 to burn the batches (or backstock using it) despite the fact that it takes for-fucking-ever to do. And sometimes backstocking SUBT doesn't stop the system from pulling stuff every single CAF.

    I've contacted the hotline, talked to my STL and emailed several executives but have never gotten a reason as to why that happens.

    It just makes me laugh that a company that supposedly promotes being "fast and efficient" uses such inefficient methods to accomplish pretty much everything.

  • phxtarget says:

    it is a combo of things most likely. We had that issue and found a few issues with a section in pet food. There was too much product on the shelf. The pda tells you how many items go to a facing. This is an issue with the flow team and team members pushing CAF, and salesfloor. No one uses this feature- who has the time right? If you take the time to do it right your nagged for not getting done quickly. Same section, someone took it upon themselves to flex the product because we were out of an adjacent product. Well the flexed item sells, tells the system we sold one, when in reality too much is already on the shelf, so another get auto filled. we fixed the facing, but no one fixed it in the system and more came out the next cafs as challenge, then the next. The way our store tries to fix it is super zone a designated section during a mid day zone, BUT even tho we remove excess product from the shelves, NO ONE fixes it in the system and more gets pushed because it is challenged when they try to back stock it. it seems to be a lot of little things causing it that we DO NOT have time to fix, and if one link in the chain doesnt do its job, it all falls apart. The faltering link probably didnt do the right thing because if they take an extra minute to do it, a TL or ETL is breathing on thier neck to hurry it up. You cant do anything right

    • TargetGrunt says:

      Flexing and overstocking are definitely prevalent at my store because as you mentioned the "leadership" are all about deadlines, meaning that accuracy is being sacrificed for speed. I've even shown some of my "leaders" that the Replenishment Workload Tool (RWT) assumes all of the product will go out on non-truck days, yet we get about half of it back.

      Today is a good example of this: autofills were 882 SKU and 3976 eaches, yet according to the RWT only two eaches should've come back as backstock. Lo and behold almost all of it came back, which was frustrating considering it took the two of us over four hours to pull everything in between research, POGs and myFAs.

      "Leadership" was pissed too because according to them it should've only taken us an hour and a half to pull despite Sundays being the largest autofill days of the week. It's not possible with two people.


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