Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

March 16, 2018 - SaltySusan

Don’t work for Target. Yes, it’s THAT bad.

I’ve been working for Super Target for nearly a year, and the experience has been laughably atrocious.
I can’t think of anywhere else to go with this because if I talk to HR they’ll just cut my hours so low I’ll be forced to find another job( and I need the income or I’m out of a home, the job market in Florida is scarce, you get the idea)  so here it goes.
To say that management is negligent is putting it lightly. I could go on about every single experience I’ve had that’s crossed the line, but no one would read that so here’s a good example.
During the aftermath of hurricane irma, super target stayed open. It is my belief that the only reason they didn’t have the store open DURING the hurricane is because they couldn’t get the doors to give because of all the water and fallen debris. But after they GRACIOUSLY waited an entire 24 hours for the water to recede,  they decided to call all employees back to the store that had absolutely no power, and coincidentally, no AC.  Not to just repair whatever damage ensued as a result of the hurricane, mind you, but to actually get back into sales. (never mind the fact that people hadn’t gotten back from evacuating or you know… had to make repairs to their homes )
While I wish I could say it was out of the kindness of their hearts, because hey the locals probably needed supplies, the working conditions were flat out terrible. It reached a high of 99 degrees in the store itself with no ventilation. They used the generators to fuel the cash registers and some of the lights, but that was all the power went to.
There were countless people that passed out and threw up on shift every single day, and granted they were allowed to go home without it being marked on their attendance ( probably because it was illegal to keep them there in the first place ) but that it got to that point is disgusting. The entire time they (management) made it very clear that everyone was obligated to be if they were scheduled, but could go home when they got dehydrated.
By the 5th day of no power and constantly working under those conditions, my entire body seized up. (literally)
Eventually enough phone calls went out to corporate that they sent someone over and that’s when the generators “conveniently” started fueling the AC. ( oh but we unfortunately lost power to a few registers )

Also I think it prudent to point out that I, a person with a chronic physical condition, have been told that it doesn’t matter if I have a doctors note or even if I’ve been to the emergency room, any and all absences get marked against me. Only medical leave, which … involves a stupid amount of paper work and long line of approval… doesn’t mark against attendance. But they leave that little fact out of the interviewing process even if you tell them you have a physical disability.

I can’t say that all Target’s are like this. But the one that I’ve worked at has demonstrated some of the most detestable treatment of their employees I’ve ever witnessed in my 10 years of work in retail.
The shift leads are always conveniently absent when the business picks up, they cut hours to compensate for time in a half on holidays, communicating problems effects my ability to make rent, but hey I need the job security so I don’t really have much of a choice, I have to work there.


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  • bigrog44 says:

    It's sad that they want to stay open under those conditions. I think that they need to fix lots of the things that make people comfortable in the store before they reopen the store after the hurricane. That shows you that Target is just being greedy. Target wants to be a big retailer like Walmart, but they won't take the steps to try to be that way. I know if I'm the president of the company I'll be wondering what Walmart does for them to be successful. I would take a risk to try to make the company a better company instead of putting the blame on the team member for their mess ups. Like here in Frederick, MD we have a Target, I've worked there for almost 15 years. Sports Authority closed up next to us. They talk not having much money for hours and stuff, but they don't want to take the risk of making that Target a Super Target. Their excuse is it would take more paperwork. I would buy that whole property in that are and make those other companies in that area pay me rent and put the old Sports Authority area to be the grocery section of Target to make it a Super Target. That's what I would do. But they don't want to take any risk. If you're not successful, then keep on trying.
    Susan about that you have to work there. You don't have to work there unless that is the only job in town and you have no transportation. I always had to work a second job so I have enough money to pay my bills.

  • premier says:

    That is horrible. They are such greedy bastards, they had no right to do that. I am stuck there because of health issues myself and there is no way i could have worked in those conditions. They're a horrible company.

  • Justin says:

    Yeah target screwed me out of 3 weeks pay when I was out with gallbladder surgery. They told me after 12 months I was good to get the pay but nope they changed it to 13months...what a load of shit...after they disregarded 3 doctors notes and now are screwing me outta 3 more weeks pay thanks to them doing the schedule 3 weeks out target sucks!!!


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